17 Dark Nail Ideas That Your Next Manicure In Winter

Written By Avery Clark Jan 23, 2024
17 Dark Nail Ideas That Your Next Manicure In Winter

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Winter is the perfect season for dark nails. They're chic, sophisticated, and versatile. They can go with any type of clothing and any mood such as a casual sweater day or the glamour of a night out. Dark nails ranging from deep burgundies to midnight blues can speak volumes. You can experiment with textural approaches like matte or glossy or even sparkle with glitter. And don’t disregard nails design also. Nail art such as geometric patterns, metallic stripes or even one accent nail can take your dark manicure to the next level. Dark manicures are often on-trend during the winter season, with many fashion influencers and celebrities sporting deep, rich nail colors on the red carpet and in fashion magazines. Hence be it the classic black option or a more adventurous take on dark greens, or purples, there is a dark nail concept awaiting you as winter season.

Try Out The Following Dark Nail Ideas For A Stunning Look

1.    Black Coffin Nails With Gold Flake Matte

You are confident when your nails look pretty and on spot. So if you are up for a perfect winter manicure then black coffin nails with gold flakes is a perfect nail idea for you. It is very easy to achieve. Just apply a jet black nail paint on all your hand nails and then add some gold flakes in mattey texture. 

Black Coffin Nails With Gold Flake Matte 

2.    Classic Black with Gold Manicure

This classic black and gold nail manicure idea is recommended for the winter period. This combination will never disappoint you, gold glitter adds the final touch in making this design outstanding. A timeless choice that goes with everything. 

Classic Black with Gold Manicure

3.    Deep Burgundy

The nail polish should be an initial deep red or burgundy. However, if you wish to change the depth of the color, you may combine a dark red nail color with your shade of black. The deep burgundy color itself is a complete package for an outfit to look attractive and bold. Just for this during the winter times and rock any occasion. 

Deep Burgundy Nails 

4.    Moody Gray

Gray tones in a manicure is not so common combination so just like its name, it totally lifts up your mood when applied on your nails. The kind of energy it radiates is top notch. This edgy shade that adds a touch of mystery. Just apply a dark gray shade on your nails without any art, just a plain coating and your perfect winter manicure is ready. 

Moody Gray Nails 

5.    Midnight Blue

Winters are all about coffee, pretty outfits, and pretty nails. To achieve this stunning Midnight blue nail manicure, apply a nail paint that is matching the color of midnight sky. The shade i:e deep and mesmerizing, like a starry winter night. 

Midnight Blue Nails 

6.    Forest Green

Embrace the winter vibes with this earthy and cozy shade. This forest green color applied on your nails gives off the calm peaceful vibes. Apply forest green nail paint on your 4 of your nails and leave one for a leave art to give a proper forest texture. Use a paint brush or a toothpick to draw a design of a leave on nail, let it dry apply a transparent coat on all to finish off the manicure. 

Forest Green Nails

7.    Plum Purple

A regal winter shade that exudes luxury and warmth. To achieve this color, apply a plum purple color on all your nails and add a touch of jewels and rhinestones on some of your nails to give off the bold texture and feeling. Matte plum jewel manicure enhances the beauty of your outfit, when you are opting for a luxurious event. 

Plum Purple Nails 

8.    Chocolate Brown

I bet you have not commonly seen a chocolate brown manicure on anybody’s hand but trust me, this color is warm and comforting, like a delicious hot cocoa. Get yourself a chocolate brown color and apply it on your nails and you are ready to be the center of attention because of this unusual applied during the cold winter days season. 

Chocolate Brown Nails

9.    Charcoal Gray

The charcoal gray nail manicure is sleek and modern, a great alternative to black. Its very easy to achieve, just buy you’re a good quality charcoal gray color nail paint and apply it to your nails. To give it a shiny texture, finish it off with a transparent coating. 

Charcoal Gray Nails

10.    Navy Blue

Navy blue is a deep and sophisticated shade that stands out. To achieve this amazing shade, purchase a deep navy blue color and apply on all of your nails. Give your nails upper corners a transparent coat for the shine. The overall look is one of the best for the winter nail manicure collection. 

Navy Blue Nails

11.    Wine Red

A deep red with a hint of purple, perfect for a romantic look. One of the hottest color when it comes to nail paint, file your nails in the shape you desire and apply a wine red nail color on all your nails. To give a finish touch and shiny appearance, apply a transparent coating on your nails. 

Wine Red Nails 

12.    Metallic Dark Brown Manicure

Metallic colors are not so common in the world of trends and fashion when it comes to nail paints but you can definitely count metallic dark brown color as one of the best manicure for the winter days. The metallic shine popping on your nails is amazing. Buy yourself a metallic dark brown color, apply it on your nails and have fun showing off your pretty nails. 

Metallic Dark Brown Manicure Nails

13.    Geometric Designs

Experiment with geometric patterns for a modern twist. Just apply any base color of your own choice, if you ask for my suggestion then I’ll ask you to apply a gray base and geometric designs on some of your nails with the golden shiny nail paint.   This geometric design manicure is perfect for the winter times. 

Geometric Design Nails

14.    Negative Space

Embrace minimalism with negative space nail art. Apple half black nail paint on all your nails and leave the half part vacant. To add some decent touch to your nails, add polka dot on every nail in the vacant area to make it stand out. This overall look of the nails is attractive and eye-catching. 

Negative Space Nails

15.    Ombre Effect

Blend different shades of dark colors for a gradient effect. The ombre effect can never go wrong when it comes to nail paints so to achieve this bold and amazing manicure, get yourself two different dark shades, from darker to a little lighter shade. Apply them in a way that shows the blending of both colors. To give your manicure a touch of shimmer, apply some shimmer of the same monochromatic shade to some of your nails. 

Ombre Effect Nails 

16.    Winter Nail Art

This perfect combination of nails. Just apply a dark purple matte color on all your nails, give them an art of snow flakes in white color on some nails. You can also add polka dots to shoe snowfall and put on a shiny coating on your plain deep purple nails for overall manicures finishing. 

Winter Nail Art Design

17.    Violet Velvet And Cocoa Twilight

Winter calls for the perfect nails manicure wo why not try the perfect combination of the dark nails to bring up the game of next manicure in winter? To achieve this look, start from putting a cocoa color nail paint on your base and at the same time put on the violet color in between the shade of cocoa to give them an Ombre kind of a touch. Now, finish off with the transparent coating to give it a shine and proper look. 

Violet Velvet And Cocoa Twilight Nails


For a perfect look in your winter wardrobe, dark nails are what you need. They are also multipurpose, trendy, and flexible enough to suit any mood or occasion. From classic black to deep burgundy, moody gray to midnight blue, the luster of the shade is sufficient to win over the hearts of evolved and stylish people. Play around with textures such as matte or reflective or add a shine of sparkle with glitter or metallic tips. Why not play with artistic nail art such as geometric designs or winter themes? However, it is all about creativity and enjoyment. If that means that it is all dark and bold colors this winter, do not hesitate for a moment to get such manicure. Now it is time to be on the limelight in the most fashionable and stylish manner. Deep nail colors complements the dark nights of the winters and this is why these 17 amazing dark nails ideas are perfect for the winter manicure.


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