Half-Up Half-Down Bun Hairstyles Ideas for Gorgeous Look

Written By Isabella Green Jan 22, 2024
Half-Up Half-Down Bun Hairstyles Ideas for Gorgeous Look

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Hardly anything in life is truly normal. However, the half-up, half-down bun hairstyle is an exceptional hairstyle that everyone loves to wear on prom or birthday parties. it looks good on almost everyone who wants to wear it, regardless of their preference, color or texture. A textured ponytail at the crown side of your head can act as a good disguise for oily roots until wash day. A stylish pullback will keep your hair out of your face whether you're doing yoga exercise or running around your neighborhood and still want to look stylish. By highlighting the eyes, it's a great way to show off existing makeup, and if you're having trouble deciding, you can create a different version of the look every day.

Best of all, the half-up, half-down bun hairstyle is the ideal style for day-to-evening dressing, so you can go from grocery shopping to evening gatherings without brushing or combining. Our favorite celebs are living proof of this theory: from a sophisticated half-ponytail to a sculpted topknot, combining flowing locks with a little creativity can be elegant, funky, or funky, depending on the occasion or your mood. Here are 07 half up half down bun hairstyles you must wear to break your regular routine.

1.    Half Up Half Down Curly Hair

Whether you're looking for a style to go with your prom or bridesmaid dress, a twisted wispy half updo will make your look flawless.

Half Up Half Down Curly Hair

2.    Twisted Half Up Hairstyle

Half up half down haircuts suit women who don't have thick hair either. In case you can find a talented hair colorist who can enhance your locks for added volume, you win a big stake! Style your locks into a half-up hairstyle with waves and contours, and you won't have to stress your fine hair by any stretch of the imagination.

Twisted Half Up Hairstyle

3.    Half Updo With Braided Halo

Something simple and delicate to recreate for women with long wavy locks. Make side French braids and connect them behind the head crown into bun style. You can do this hairstyle with one or two braids or you may increase number of braids according to your hair length. 

Half Updo With Braided Halo

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4.    Half Up Half Down Straight Hair

For a simple professional look way toward your important meeting or any other formal event, you can carry this hair style. Part your hairs in half and tie them into a bun. Leave the other half straight falling onto your shoulders. A simple hairstyle looking towards your way for a simple day. 

Half up Half Down Straight Hair

5.    Bridal Half-up Style with Braids

Looking for a bridal hairstyle? Half up Half down bun hairstyle can give you elegant look for your big day. Make French braids from side of your hairs and round them from between to make a flower from your hairs. You can curl or keep straight the remaining half down hairs. Decorate with some beads or an artificial flower around the bun to give a picture-perfect look to your hairs. 

Bridal Half-up Style with Braids

6.    Messy Half Updo For Long Hairs

Here is a charming idea of simple half up half down hairstyles that you can do without anyone else's help. Just take the upper part of head crown and turn them into a bun. Make waves on your rest half down hairs and there you go, a completely new look you can carry for a casual get-to-gather. 

Messy Half Updo For Long Hairs

7.    Briggitte Bardot Bouffant Hair

This is a great example of a simple half-up, half-down hairstyle that only requires your eagerness and some special skills: tie the crown back, gather the top of the hair into a small ponytail, Fix the bouffant with pins, and turn.

Briggitte Bardot Bouffant Hair

8.    Fishtail Bun Braid

A fancy hairstyle that sets the mood for a romantic look is the fishtail bun. This method of braiding leaves a lasting impression and brings out your creative side. The best part is that it's so easy to make! All you have to do is divide your hair into equal sections, top and bottom. Place the top half in a ponytail and braid it into a fishtail. Twist the braid into a bun and use bobby pins to hold it in place.

Fishtail Braid

Wrap up

Of all the hairstyles that are totally *in* right now, the perfect half-up, half-down bun haircut might be our number one. They look just as neat as a full updo or braid – plus, they're just as easy, and perfect for a lazy hair day. You can choose anyone you like from the list of her hairstyles for a perfect evening or party at you friends. A half up half down bun hairstyle is a style you can wear it to a date night. So enjoy your event with stress free hair style!


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