8 Fancy Nails Ideas That Every Woman Should Try

Written By Grace Harris Oct 13, 2023
8 Fancy Nails Ideas That Every Woman Should Try

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When it comes to flaunting your style with new and unique nail designs, every woman wants to get their nails either French-manicured or have attractive nail art designs on their nails. Fancy nail not only complement your outfit, rather it has become a new fashion statement. Nowadays, women of all age groups want to show-off their nail design in every occasion, whether it’s office, wedding or a casual meeting with friends. For all the ladies who want to make heads turn around and want their peers to ask them “how did you get this nail art? Or which salon did you go?” this article has narrowed down the best nail design that are in trend for the whole year and never goes out of fashion.

Let’s Take A Look At Nail Design That Will Slay Your Style!

Since internet is flooded with pictures of nail designs, many women get confused with which nail design will make them look trendy throughout the year and will look attractive. To save your time, we have come up with 8 fancy nail designs for every nail shape and size that will save your way into the new fashion trend, throughout the year. 

1.    Rhinestone Nails 

Rhinestone nails

One of the fanciest and eye-catching nail design comes with rhinestones and studs. To pave your way into entering the never-ending fashion mantra, try out this nail design with pastel grey nail polish. You can use rhinestones and studs in any way you like, such as making a design or covering your nail with them. It is most suitable for almond and coffin-shaped nails.

2.    Gold-Rimmed Nails 

Gold rimmed nails

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This nail design is very common, but what makes it eye-catching and elegant is the golden-rim. All you have to do is paint your nails all white, and use golden color nail polish with thin brush and make an outline around your nails. It looks like your nails are bordered with golden rim, hence the name gold-rimmed nails. This nail design is very easy to apply and looks good on all nail shapes and sizes.  

3.    Transparent Floral Nails

Transparent Floral Nails

When we think or talk about nail designs, we tend to think about nail colors most of the time. But now, you can have transparent/see-through nails with floral designs. This acrylic nail design will look too classy and elegant and will compliment any outfit. Once you wear it, it will look as if flowers are enclosed in a glass. 

4.    Nude Nails 

Nude nails

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Nude shades such as pastel pink or peach looks very decent and classy and goes-well with any outfit. For a casual meetings or everyday wear, nude shades are the best option you can go for. To make it look tantalizing and appealing, you can make swirls with glittery golden nail paint, and slay your look. 

5.    Glitter Nails

Glitter nails

Although people think that glitter nails are not always in trend. However, that’s not true. To make your nails look more alluring and enticing, you need to choose the right color. in this case, gran onto nude pink and mauve nail colors and add a touch of glitters on them. You can make variations to this nail design, by incorporating your creativity. 

6.    Polka Dot Nails 

 Polka Dot Nails 

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To make your nails look cute and add a girly touch to your style, try out this nail art and flaunt your style. Grab on to black and white nail colors and paint your nails either all black or white and make polka dots of the opposite color. This nail design will look good on all nail shapes. Moreover, you can also use other colors apart from black and white. To make it more appealing, you can add studs and rhinestones and make heads turn around.

7.    Blue Ombre Nails 

 Blue Ombre Nails 

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This is a very unique and tranquilizing nail design. It is so sensual and appealing that even you won’t be able to take your eyes off from this nail design, think about others!! This nail design comes with two nail shades blended well, to make it an ombre color. All you have to do is pick two nail colors, royal blue and light blue. Then, apply royal blue nail color at the top and corners of your nails and then apply light blue nail color from center to the tip of your nails. Finally, you are done with your blue ombre nail. Next step is to flaunt your nails and make people fall head-over-heels on your nail design.

8.    Mauve Fancy Nail with Leaves

Mauve Nails with Leaves

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If you want your nail design to look unique and charming, then mauve nails are the best option you can choose from. Mauve nail color is neither too bright nor too dull. Therefore, you can go ahead with wearing this nail color along with leaf design on it. To make your nail color more prominent, you can opt for matte mauve or glossy mauve nail color. For leaf design, you can use black, white or any other color, and make it in any way you like. It is most suitable for almond-shaped nails. 


Although there are certain nail colors and shades that are in trend for a particular season, bright summer nails are neutral in color that’s also bold enough to hold its own against other dramatic colors. Plus, it looks great on all skin tones, nail shapes, and lengths. However, there are also nail colors and design that never fade away or become outdated. For ladies who want to try nail designs that are evergreen and always in trend can opt for the ones mentioned in this article. Sometimes it seems tiring to women to look for trending fancy nail design for a particular season so they prefer to wear nail design that will always remain in fashion. So, what are you waiting for!! Go to your nearest salon get your nails designed like this. 


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