Try These Short Almond Nails For a Charming Look

Written By Isabella Green Dec 14, 2023
Try These Short Almond Nails For a Charming Look

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Nail designs boost our excitement and are known to add a touch of class and boldness to our style. However, one of the most important things to consider before going for any nail design is the nail shape. Many women prefer almond-shaped nails as they provide a perfect canvas for design and the pointed tips exude an edgy look. Almond nails are wide at the base and pointed at the tips with a curve just like an almond. Short almond nails are trending these days as they are easy to maintain and women find it convenient to carry out their daily errands. 

Women who are scrolling social media pages for stylish and exclusive fall nails should not look back and go for short almond nails. There are numerous nail arts and designs that you can apply to your short almond nails. We have gathered some of the most exquisite and attractive fall nail designs in this article, which will help you choose the right one. 

Check Out The Latest & Trendy Fall Nail Designs For Short Almond Nails!

Fall season comes with cold and dullness, brighten up the season with the following nails short almond fall nail designs for a sassy look. 

Rainbow Tips 

Rainbow Tips Short Almond Nails

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As the name suggests, the tip of your nails is painted with rainbow colors such as orange, blue, green, and yellow, with the darker shade of each color at the top and the lighter shade at the bottom of the nail tip. It will freshen up your look and elevate the dull season with colorful vibes. This short almond nail design is best for brunch with friends or a semi-formal gathering. 

Tortoise Nails 

Tortoise Short Almond Nails

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Short almond nails with a dark brown base and black blots look like a tortoiseshell, hence the name tortoise nails. This nail design will complement a dark-colored outfit, such as black, red, or dark brown. You girls can opt for this fall nail design for parties and nightouts with friends for a funky and rave look.   

Butterfly Nails 

Butterfly Short Almond Nail

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We love to see butterflies on flowers in spring, but this time have them on your short almond nails for an exotic look. Ask your manicurist to paint your nails light grey and then paste butterfly nail stickers. You can also paint them white or any other nude shade so that the butterflies look prominent. This fall nail design is perfect for casual occasions. 

Red Floral Nails 

Red Floral Short Almond Nails

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With leaves falling in the fall season, revamp the aura with vibrant flowers on your almond nails. Red nails with red, yellow, and white flowers look so erotic and eye-catching that they make heads turn around. I suggest you pair your short almond nail designs with white, red, yellow, or green color outfits. 

Dark Brown Nails  

Dark Brown Short Almond Nails

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This short almond nail design looks exactly like an almond, not only because of the shape but the color as well. The base of the nails is painted matte brown, and the tips with glossy brown nail color. You can make this nail design yourself but if you are not a pro, visit a salon and ask the manicurist to get you dark brown short almond nails. 

Yellow Nails 

Yellow Short Almond Nails

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Although yellow is a bright nail color, we tend to wear it in the summer. The trends have changed, and yellow nails are trending in the fall season. Yellow is a symbol of youth and joy and exudes a free-spirited soul. You can alter this short almond nail design by adding nail art such as leaves and a tree like this one.   

Baby Blue Nails

Blue Short Almond Nails

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Baby blue is a versatile color and remains in trend in summer and winter. The shade is light and subtle and speaks for itself. I love this nail color and recommend women apply this on their short almond nails. You can add Rhinestones or silver glitter like the one in the picture on the nails to give a sparkling effect.  

Teal Nails 

Teal Short Almond Nails

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This short almond nail design looks similar to a deep sea as it's a combination of pastel blue and teal blue nail colors. The nails are painted pastel blue with teal blue curves and stones moving along the sides and corners of the base, looking like water droplets and deep sea. It is one the most exclusive and exotic fall nail designs and women who want to stand out in rave and energetic parties. 


The fall season is about wearing dark-colored clothes to dark and vibrant nail colors. This year, the fashion game has changed, and nude and light nail colors coming forward in the fashion league. Short almond nail designs for fall include dark, nude, and light shades and you can play with them by adding nail art of your choice.  


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