Best Skin Care Tips for Cozy Winter Season

Written By Grace Harris Oct 12, 2023
Best Skin Care Tips for Cozy Winter Season

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Winter is just around the corner and we are all excited to wear our warm jackets and sweaters. With temperature and snow falling simultaneously, we love to enjoy the chilly weather with cold breezes. Moreover, sitting by the fireplace or having bonfire with friends and family are activities that not only help us to resist the cold weather, but let us make the most out of this season. as much as we relish chilly breezes touching our skin, we ignore its adverse effects on our skin. Therefore, in this article we will provide you with the best guidelines on how to protect your skin against dry weather. 

Let’s Find Out the Tips to Maintain a Healthy Skin in Winter Season 

Our skin gets dry and itchy in winter season, hence there are certain ways to protect your skin from getting dry or wrinkled in this chilly weather. 

Keep your Skin Moisturize 

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One of the most important tips that helps to protect your skin against dryness is using moisturizers. That’s why its first on the list. Use creams, lotions or moisturizers on a daily basis, after taking a shower. Once you are done with taking a shower, pat your skin dry with towel. Apply moisturizer on damp skin, as it will absorb and lock moisturizer in your skin for long period. Moreover, avoid rubbing your skin with towel after shower, as your skin will lose moisture and will get dry quickly. 

Use Hydrating Skin Cleanser 

hydrating skin cleanser

For those who have dry or sensitive skin, its best to cleansers that are labelled ‘fragrance free’, as they are good for locking moisture in your skin. Hydrating cleansers that contain hyaluronic acid, ceramides, Shea butterand oils that will keep skin healthy, soft and moisturized. Moreover, according to dermatologists, avoid using cleansers that are labelled ‘unscented’ as they contain ingredients that nullify the fragrance, which can further cause skin irritation. 

Use Mild/luke Warm Water for Shower

luke warm water for shower

Although we all love to take long showers with hot waters. It is harmful for your skin as it loses moisture and get dry, which can further cause winter eczema or wrinkled skin. Therefore, use luke warm water for taking a bath, and as mentioned earlier apply fragrance free moisturizer. 

Use Fragrance Free Soap or Body Wash 

fragrance free soap

Its best to use fragrance free soaps or shower gels if you have a dry skin or if you are suffering from eczema. Unscented soaps and body washes will help to prevent moisture getting out of your skin. Moreover, avoid using harsh scrubs and loofah, as it depletes your skin cell due to which it loses moisture. 

Use Sun Block 

Sun block

It may seem odd to use sun block in winters, as we hardly get to see sunlight. According to medical experts, you should protect your skin from UV rays and sunlight in winters as much as you do in summers. There is a high chance of skin cancer and pre-mature ageing if your skin is exposed to sunlight. Since sunlight can penetrate through the clouds up to 80%, that’s why you should use a sun screen with at least SPF 15 or more. 

Use Humidifiers at Your Home 

As much as it is necessary to protect your skin against chilly breezes, so it is to protect against indoor heating. If we keep our heaters turned on for long period of time, our skin will loose moisture and will get dry. Therefore, air humidifiers make the air more humid, which will contribute in keeping your skin moisturized. You can set the temperature according to the guidelines given by product experts. 

Wear Warm Clothes 


We all know that it is impossible to resist the cold without warm clothes, but it is not as simple as it seems. It is very crucial to wear warm clothes of the right fabric. Before putting on warm clothes made of wool or rough fabric, wear cotton or silk clothes and then put on your wool sweaters. Your skin should not be exposed directly to wool, as it will cause dryness and irritation. Moreover, for washing use detergent labelled as ‘hypoallergenic.’ 

Keep Yourself Hydrated 

keep yourself hyderated

In winter season we prefer to have hot beverages such as coffee, hot chocolate and tea. However, it is essential to keep your body hydrated by increasing your water intake. As your skin gets dry from cold breezes outside, it tends to lose moisture. Therefore, drink water frequently to keep your skin from getting dry and itchy. Moreover, you can take juices, milk, soups, salads and fruits such as grapes and strawberries as they are rich in water. 

Use Lip Balms Regularly 

lip balms

We all experience dry and cracky lips in winter and they are too irritating for each one of us. Therefore, use lip balm of SPF 30 or higher, as it will keep your lips soft and smooth. It is best to use lip balms that have petroleum jelly, as it can retain moisture for long period. 


All of the above-mentioned guidelines are essential for keeping a moisturized and smooth skin. Winter is a weather that not only comes with joy of cold breezes, but also carries flaws with it. Thus, protecting your skin against dryness and other skin diseases and allergy should be your top priority in winters. Furthermore, wear hat, leather gloves, ear muffs and muffler around your neck to protect yourself against cold. Also, change your clothes immediately if they are wet due to snow, as it will trigger irritation and itchiness in your skin. 


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