Best 9 December Nail Ideas that You Must Try

Written By Isabella Green Dec 05, 2023
Best 9 December Nail Ideas that You Must Try

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Are you on the hunt for some cool ideas for your nails this December? then I have some amazing December nails ideas for you. The month of December is for letting go. It brings holiday joy straight up to your fingernail tips. There are so many fun and creative options to try ranging from classic reds and greens to sparkling golds and silvers. Wouldn’t a Christmas tree design with a candy cane touch or cute snowflakes be nice? Also, how can we ignore the beautiful reindeer and C-shaped Santa design looking elegantly cutest as ever on your manicure? The December nail ideas listed here will turn your mood the happiest for sure no matter whether you like the bold and glamorous look or the more modest elegant look. Now prepare yourself to rock the festival’s nails and spread some Christmas and other cute stuff spirit all over.

Try Out These 9 December Nails Designs to Look the Best

1.  Snowman with Pine Tree

Snowman with Pine Tree

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You can choose to apply the pastel tone of shades on your nails and nail art a pine tree, snowman, and a pretty star it to give off the vibes of December nails. How cute this combination of pine trees, snowman, and the star of December nails look and nothing can beat the beauty of pastel colors. 

2.  Snowflakes and Gingerbread Men

Snowflakes and Gingerbread Men

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The nude and red combination never goes wrong when it comes to nail paint. To turn up the game, go for the snowflakes and gingerbread men nail art your nails to show off the December nails through it. How adorable they look when manicured on point. You can also add some creative lines and candy canes to enhance the beauty. 

3.  Red and Green Nails

Red and Green Nails

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It is not necessary to add some art to your nails to show the vibe of December nails but you can elegantly style up red and green nail paint with the touch of a little leaves on it too. The red and green combination itself speaks for itself because they are classy holiday colors. This combination with red and green leaves sounds like a festive and fun choice this year. 

4.  Elf-Themed Ombre Nails

Elf-Themed Ombre Nails

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Elf-themed nails look adorable and for that you can go for the transparent nail paint with an elf hat and dress painted on the pointed ends of the nails, giving the touch of ombre. If you go for this elf-themed ombre, your December nails will be merry and bright for sure. 

5.  Santa Clause-Themed Nails

Santa Clause-Themed Nails

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To give the perfect vibe of the Santa Clause, color your nail base red which is the universal color of the dress of the Santa. You can also draw Santa's iconic suit on one of your nails to represent the theme perfectly. You have an option to add white accents to create the fluffy trim. 

6.  Reindeer and Red Glittery Nails

Reindeer and Red Glittery Nails

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To achieve this reindeer and glittery look, you can start with a red base on some nails and some with a nude base. Nude nail color represents the fur of the reindeer and red adds beauty to the manicure. You can nail art the dark brown accents for the antlers and a cute red nose along with black dots for the reindeer eyes. Add some gold and silver glitter for the touch of holiday sparkle. 

7.  Christmas Tree and Snow Nails

Christmas Tree and Snow Nails

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To recreate this look, you have to start with the white shiny base color giving the beauty of snow, and then draw Christmas trees on your nails to have this beauty of December nails as your manicure this season of the year. Add some dots of golden color and matte white to show off the snow and tree topper. Your nails will be mini Christmas trees, spreading holiday cheer wherever you go. 

8.  Christmas Sweater Nails

Christmas Sweater Nails

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One way of attaining this look is by using a base color that is similar to a knitted sweater such as a warm red or cozy cream color but red suits the best. After that, one should use a thin nail art brush to draw different sweater patterns such as snowflakes, reindeer, or small Christmas trees with white nail paint. It is a joyful and merry way of demonstrating your holiday spirit.

9.  Holly Berries December Nails

Holly Berries December Nails

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This idea of “Holly berries” December nails is considered to be fantastic. You can, therefore, begin by painting your nails in vibrant green color to represent the holly leaves, which is necessary for creating this festive look. Use a dotting tool or anything pointed to create small red dots to simulate the holly berries. Similarly, you can sprinkle your creation with glistening white or silver sparkle for some extra glamour. This is cute and will surely make you feel like celebrating the holidays.


Try “December nails” which can be connected to the holiday spirit. You can add the touch of rich and warm colors such as purple, deep red, emerald, green, and golden bright. Some of these fun features may include snowflakes, reindeer, and/or a cute Santa Claus design, doughnuts, or a sprinkle of glitter on them. December nails are just about living the moment and the spirit of the season. You can show your inner creativity through them and enjoy yourself. 


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