Tumble Rugs Ideas To Enhance Your Home Decoration

Written By Elizabeth Hall Sep 22, 2023
Tumble Rugs Ideas To Enhance Your Home Decoration

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Let’s be very honest here, I was never a big fan of decorating my house with rugs. The reason is simple; kids don’t even take a minute to spill anything they have in their hands. Obviously, you can’t ask them to clean it up so eventually you end up taking hours to clean it up. What’s even most frustrating is that even spending countless hours doesn’t guarantee a stain-free rug. Life was tough until I got my hands on Tumble rugs. It’s been three years that I have chosen to decorate my house with them. What’s even more soothing is that I don’t have to worry about something getting spilled. Significant qualities of these rugs which I am a huge fan of; spill-proof, washable, and every step taken on it gives you a cozy foot massage. If these rugs can change my perception of them, then they won’t take time to change yours. On top of that, Tumble rugs provide another level of charm to your house. And being a woman, what else would I even want? Since you are here; it means this is also what you want. Thank me later!

Upgrade Your Living Space With These Brilliant Tumble Rug Ideas

Mira In Ivory And Grey white 

Ivory and Grey white Rugs

You have moved into your new house and looking for the best decoration ideas? Congratulations on having your home pal! Sometimes you just want a change in life and this is the best time to feel the essence of this huge change.

You want to give a huge treat to your friends but at the same time, you fear the mess it will create? Well! Fear no more and give a carefree brunch invite to your friends as Tumble Rugs have come to your rescue. We are always stuck in the dilemma of how to set up our dining hall. For our ease Tumble has come up with a contemporary rug named Mira Tumble has come up with a contemporary rug named Mira. It is available in two colors ivory and neutral. Keep in mind the size of the table. Just place it under the table in a way that from each side of the table, it is equally exposed.

Since these rugs are washable if in case someone spills something just pull the rug from under the table and toss it in the washer. With just one wash, you will find it free from stubborn stains.

Olivia In Ivory And Ash

Ivory and Ash Tumble Rug

Do you want to give a pop of design to your living room? We have got some good options to do so. When someone enters your house, the first place they notice is your living space. So why not leave them stunned with its charm? Opt for Olivia in any color that suits the overall theme of the lounge.

If your lounge theme is based on contemporary grey then Ivory is the best option. It wonderfully complements the overall theme. Remember, the rug must cover enough floor space in the lounge otherwise the rug will lose its impact. The lounge covered in the rug will continue to give a cozy foot massage as you walk on it.

Amara In Grey, Light Blue, Blush, Indigo, And Ash

Amara Grey, Light Blue, Blush, Indigo, and Ash tumble rug

Nothing can be better than the blend of vintage and contemporary themes enhancing your living space. It does take time to evaluate the best options but with Tumble it’s no more complicated. Tumble has provided you with a plethora of options to choose from. This 8x10 rug size is among them that brilliantly gives the vintage appeal to the entire living space and also it’s best for your living room.

It’s best suitable for the living space with a completely modern white theme. You can place it anywhere from your bedroom to your kitchen as it comes in a variety of sizes. Don’t worry about the mess as it won’t any difference as it can be wiped off without much effort.

So I guess, you won’t run away from decorating your home anymore as tumble rugs have come to your rescue. Now fear no more of messes, instead chill out!


In life, we all dream of having our own home which we can decorate the way we like. Your biggest wish of having your own home is fulfilled. Now, it’s time to work on another one. With the help of our guide, you can master the art of elevating the style of your home Decor. You won’t end up having rugs full of stubborn stains as Tumble rugs are washable as well as spillproof. Try to experiment with new designs and patterns to make your living space more attractive and this will help in giving your living space a contemporary touch. From now on walking all over it, rolling around, and even sleeping on it is no more an issue. I would say “Spill more and stress less”.


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