7 Fall Street Style Fashion Trends to Keep an Eye On

Written By Ella Brooks Sep 21, 2023
7 Fall Street Style Fashion Trends to Keep an Eye On

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Now after many global fashion weeks have come and gone, attention has shifted to the latest fall street style trends as seen on the streets. There was a lot of crossover between the street style trends seen at London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Copenhagen Fashion Week, specifically the increasing use of wide-legged jeans, black leather, corset tops, and blazers. More men are wearing skirts and more women are donning traditionally male clothes as part of the rise of gender-neutral fashion. Plus, embroidered jeans and cargo trousers, both popular in the early 2000s, kept making a comeback. Take a look at some of the most popular affordable streetwear trends of Fall.

Seven Up-and-Coming Fall Street Style Trends You Will Adore

Dress Up Cargo Pants With A Corset Top

Cargo Pants With A Corset Top

This fall, cargo trousers are trending, especially when worn with a bodycon top. Stars have been seen wearing the look and putting their stamp on it by accessorizing with heels and mixing prints. Wide-leg pants are a popular choice for the season, and they look great with the corset tops that are all the rage this year.

Keep Your Athleisure Wear In Constant Rotation

Athleisure wear

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Athleisure has been in the spotlight since the pandemic, and its casual vibe appears to be here to stay. Athletic pants and sweaters are being paired with other prints and dressier pieces for a look that is both comfortable and on-trend for the fall Street Wear Trends.

Combine A Crop Top, Blazer, and Cross-Body Bag For A Chic Streetwear Fall Look

crop top, blazer, and cross-body bag

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One Of the most liked streetwear styles you should keep an eye on is crop tops with blazers along with a cross-body bag for the fall season. Crop tops will continue to be seen layered under blazers for a look that would be perfect for both work and play in the upcoming fall. Adding a cross-body bag for a touch of urban comfort and chic would do justice to your overall streetwear style. 

Drop The Gender Labels

gender neutral clothing

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This fall, gender-free outfits have begun to take over the street style world. If you decide that you want to dress up a crop top, try playing with more usually male pieces, such as button-down shirts and ties, rather than a blazer or huge jacket. For example, you might put on a shirt with a button-down collar with a tie.

Get Those Old-School Retro Vibes Back In

old school clothing

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The oversized blazers that were popular in the 1980s, 1990s, and even the early 2000s are making a comeback, and this is shaping up to be one of the biggest fads for fall street style. Denim is also returning to its roots by using higher waistlines, greater leg openings, and stronger washes in their designs. This is all part of the denim fashion trend.

Buckets Hats To Wear

Bucket Hats

This year is shaping up to be one that offers a lot of opportunities for those who have an adventurous spirit. You have your gilet, and now you should get your fisherman's headgear because bucket hats are really popular at the moment. Choose simpler iterations that include drawstrings for the highest level of authenticity.

Make Your Look Cozier By Wearing An Oversized Sweater

Wearing oversized sweater

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Think about wearing a warm, roomy sweater in a soft color such as pink or purple that will offset the icy feel of all that leather. Even though the season of fall is generally linked with earth tones, fashion is constantly pushing the edge, and this year's fall street style trends feature anything from bright blues to gentler pinks.


In conclusion, these 7 fall street style fashion trends are on point and definitely worth keeping an eye on. From cozy oversized sweaters to statement leather pieces, these trends will elevate your style game this season. Don't forget to incorporate rich autumnal colors and luxurious textures like velvet and faux fur for that extra touch of sophistication. Whether you're rocking a plaid blazer or embracing the power of a bold statement accessory, these trends will help you stand out in the crowd. So embrace the season, experiment with your style, and slay those fall street looks


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