12 Claw Clip Hairstyles That You Can Easily Apply

Written By Avery Clark Feb 28, 2024
12 Claw Clip Hairstyles That You Can Easily Apply

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It’s crazy how some trends just never seem to get old, you’ll always look effortlessly beautiful with that clean girl makeup or 90s elegant attire, no matter what the trend is going on right now, and in the coming days. Similarly, there is a hairstyle that doesn’t seem to see its way back anytime soon, or maybe never, the claw clip hairstyle. The claw clip hairstyle is a hairstyle that does not fail to provide the elegant, effortless, pretty, chic, and sophisticated look that you need. Considering how in so many ways this hairstyle gets adjusted, there is something for every aesthetic-bound girl out there.

Over the decades, we’ve seen quite a lot of celebrities execute this hairstyle in their own ways and everyone was able to slay it in their own way. Due to countless experiments with this hairstyle, we have some of the best claw clip hairstyles that are effortless and absolutely stunning when you apply them. To help you out in achieving an elegant, sophisticated, or whatever vibe you want for your next day, we’ve curated a list of some of the best claw clip hairstyles out there. To get hands on this ultimate information, delve in with all your interests.

12 Claw Clip Hairstyles that are Effortlessly Beautiful

Join us on this journey to delve into some of the best claw clip hairstyles that are lovely and super easy to apply.

The Elegant French Twist

You might have seen this one a lot within the elegant aesthetic fandom. Not only does this go well with multiple chic aesthetics but also has such a feminine vibe to it. It’s super easy to execute, so learn how to do so.

A huge Claw Clip is needed here (longer too). 

Start by gathering your brushed hair around the nape of your neck.

Now, start twisting it and take it to the middle of your head, at the top.

And by twisting your hair upward, you would have created a vertical pattern.

When the vertical pattern is achieved, claw clip your hair vertically and you’re done!

(For an additional step, you add up a few touch-ups and loose a few strands from the front for a more framing look)

The Elegant French Twist

Twisted Half-Up and Half-Down

Half Up and Half Downs are quite popular when it comes to different kinds of hairstyles. You’re right, it’s the same with the claw clip hairstyles as well, but with a bit of innovation to it.

A medium or small-size claw clip would be perfect for this one. 

Start by taking the top part of your hair (the crown) and gathering it right at the back of your head.

As you gather the hair there, twist that section.

Now take the top-twisted part and secure it with your claw clip in a way that the clip gets hidden.

Now, loosen a few strands for the added adjustments and you’re good to go.

Twisted Half-Up and Half-Down

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Volume Hack Way Secure

This is the one that my girls usually do for an effortless and voluminous look. Not only does this give a trendy vibe, but is super easy to apply.

You may adjust the size of the claw clip according to the length of your hair.

Brush your hair and gather it with your hands to the nape of your neck.

Take your gathered hair and gently twist it.

After twisting your hair, bring it upward to a height that is suitable for the length of your hair. Bring it more towards the crown if your hair is longer and more towards the nape of your neck if your hair is shorter.

After adjusting the height, claw clip the hair where it seems suitable and let the hair hide the claw clip and look all voluminous.

Volume Hack Way Secure

Half Slick-Back

This one is for my girls who have thick and textured hair, I see and understand you. This hairstyle would be a lifesaver for you.

A Medium-sized claw clip is perfect for this one. 

As this one is similar to the half-up and half-down one, you’re going to take the half-up side and bring it towards the top back of your head.

At this point, make sure you bring the hair sleekly and start applying a hair cream to create a slick-back effect.

Bring the remaining hair to the back and secure it in the claw clip. Sleek up and textured down kind of vibe.

Half Slick-Back

Easy Updo

An easy and kind of hack for a pretty updo. This one was trending a while ago too.

You would need a huge claw clip for this one-large.

Gather all of your hair at the back of your head.

Take a huge claw clip and pass through your hair through it.

As you pass your hair through, now take the remaining huge section and start twisting it around one of the clips of the claw clip until you have all your hair twisted.

As you reach the end of your hair, tuck the remaining inside the claw clip and secure the clip at that very place.

Loose a few strands for an effortless look.

Easy Updo

Low Bun Claw Clip Hairstyle

A trendy one here for the girl who prefers a low bun that is spiky as well.

You can adjust the claw clip size according to how long or short your hair is. 

Gather all your hair at the nape of your neck.

Twist the gathered here effortlessly at a low position.

After twisting, secure your hair with a claw clip while the ends are as it is (not twisted). And here you have it, a spiky low bun that looks trendy as well as would not let your hair annoy you when you’re working.

Low Bun Claw Clip Hairstyle

Spiky One for Short Hair

We must’ve seen a lot of short-haired celebrities out there trying out this spiky bun hairstyle and let’s be real here, we absolutely love it.

A stylish trendy claw clip would go so well with this one and if you have a large one, that’s a plus. 

Gather your hair at the nape of your neck.

From the nape, tightly twist your hair, and position it to a length that’s suitable for your short hair.

After you’ve positioned your hair, secure your style with a stylish claw clip while the ends create a spiky effect towards the top.

Spiky One for Short Hair

The Ribbon Feminine Half-Up and Half-Down

I know how we talked about the sleek half up and half down as well as the twisted one, but this one, is the normal effortlessly beautiful one with an additional pretty ribbon that would help you dive into more into your feminine energy.

You need a medium size claw clip and a ribbon that has a light feminine color. 

Start with the usual step and gather the top section of your hair at the top back of your head. (You may take out a few strands from the front for a more elegant vibe and face-framing effect)

After you’ve softly gathered your hair, take a claw clip and secure your hair with it.

Now, take the ribbon and tie it like a bow on the claw clip by passing it through its teeth and you’re done!

The Ribbon Feminine Half-Up and Half-Down

Left and Right Updo

This one is a crazy style for the ones who are desperate to take care of their hair so they don’t hinder your work for the time being as well as look stylish while doing so.

Two medium –sized claw clips would be perfect for this one. Feel free to add two large ones if you’re trying to make this hairstyle word with longer hair. Adjust as needed. 

Start by sectioning your hair through the middle parting so that you have a left and a right side. (Take out 2 face-framing strands before making the style for added style)

Now take either side and twist it until you have a bun. (You can also make a ponytail before and then proceed to make a bun on its base)

For an added touch, you may also keep the bun spiky by not twisting the ends, keeping your hair sleek, and tying it accordingly. (Optional)

Do the same with the other side, adjust the hairstyle, and you’re done!

Left and Right Updo

The Signature Messy Bun

The easy signature messy bun that we all like can also be achieved through a claw clip, would just make it better as expected.

For this effortless and gorgeous look, you would need a medium size claw clip and if you have a few small ones too with it, that would be perfect. (Can be achieved with a single medium one too though)

Start off by making a ponytail where you would want your bun to be. (Take out some face-framing front layers at this point for a messy and trendy look)

After that, twist the ponytail around its base.

Now, secure the twisted ponytail with a medium-sized claw clip with other small ones, if you have them available.

For the final touches, touch on the bun-as in pulling on it lightly for a voluminous and messy look and also create more of a messy look by taking out a few strands from here and there.

The Signature Messy Bun

The Braided Way

Here we come with a beautiful one! This one is simple and gorgeous, the perfect one for you.

A medium-sized claw clip is needed.

Start by creating a middle parting.

Take your desired side and start braiding it towards the back of your head. (Take out face-framing strands from the front at this step, if you want to)

After you’re done braiding, clip the braid where you left it. Should be enough to cover the whole either side till the part where you clip your hair in the half-up and half-down hairstyle.

Now, take both the sides, left and right of the parting from the half-up section and secure it with the help of a claw clip. (Should include the remaining part from the braid, if any)

Add a few touch-ups like increasing the volume of the braid by pulling on it a bit and loosening a but strands from the sides for an effortless look.

The Braided Way

The Small Ones All Over

This hairstyle looks incredible on short-haired girls and could work lovingly for hair ones too, but you know what I mean, there is that vibe and hype!

Many small and nice colored claw clips are needed for this one. 

Section your hair in the middle part so you have a left and a right side.

Now start adding your claw clips on random places, in a way that they look cute too.

Put different colored claw clips for a more vibrant vibe.

mini claw clip hairstyles


The above-mentioned were some top-tier claw clip hairstyle ideas that are not only trendy but also super easy to apply. Before going ahead with any claw clip hairstyle, consider the length and type of your hair, so that you can adjust the claw clip and make the hairstyle with conveniently. Moreover, make sure to experiment with them and see which one goes with you the best!


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