14 Best Dressed Celebrity Looks at 2024 SAG Awards

Written By Isabella Green Feb 29, 2024
14 Best Dressed Celebrity Looks at 2024 SAG Awards

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SAG Awards were a lot more than great fashion but in 2024 they sizzled like no other. It seems like every celeb wanted extra spotlight on the red carpet and every celebrity was giving their best. Here, we saw everything from the coolest to the chicest that each piece of clothing has its own history. Of all things that make the best-dressed list so interesting, it is a who's who of style artists who introduce their own signature to the night. Let me just add in these jaw-dropping gowns, formal suits to match up, shoes that spark, and all the items that bring in the vibes of 'I came to wow you all. The people who create these looks — the designers. They are the very stars performing miracles, piecing together those dreams with the needle and the thread. And speaking of the trends, they establish them, and those looks will be gossiped, replicated and admired until the next big event. Next, lets explore the classy, the creative, and the fashionable, and remember to give out awards to the celebrities who made the night complete with their amazing looks.

14 Best Dressed Stunning Looks at 2024 SAG Awards 

1.    Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie left everyone glued to their TV screens with her Schiaparelli haute couture at the Screen Actors Guild Award. The fashion was so perfectly the Barbie vibe with that unique black midi dress featuring pink train and this is the combination that made us pop on the red carpet. All the little things that Schiaparelli is well known for were immaculately done in this attire. This  beautiful black mixed with pink touch suited her, it was just super flattering. Very often it is inspiring to look at a clothing line, based on the story, and especially when it is about a character.

Margot Robbie Sag Awards Red Carpet Look

2.    Emily Blunt

Red Louis Vuitton dress that Emily Blunt wore couldn't help but shined on the red carpet, didn't it? The red color was so rich and amazingly eye-catching, something that will definitely standout. The silhouette was simple with an edgy emphasis and was an exact fit for her. I loved how she looked in this beautiful red dress especially how it glistened when she walked. Moreover, having Louis Vuitton owed a part to the elegancy of the details. She seemed as if she had been dressed by luxury itself and the accessories? Spot on. They were just as beautiful in their own right but without stealing the show from the dress. 

Emily Blunt Sag Awards Red Carpet Look

3.    Jennifer Aniston

One of Jennifer Aniston's best Celine looks which best described effortless chic was not surprising. She constantly hits everything right about that demure style. But the dress she decide to wear on SAG 2024 was so sleek, and it just slid well. It was very casual, but there was a sense of understated elegance, almost as if her appearance could brush shoulders with the fanciest attire without too much effort. She looked absolutely gorgeous in this silver glittery dress. 

Jennifer Aniston Sag Awards Red Carpet Look

4.    Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks definitely won an award at the SAG Awards for the way she changed the game on the red carpet with her Christian Siriano completely-masculine-and-feminine style. The suit worked with structure and flow, featuring a sharp blazer with pointed lapels to bring a certain manliness to the look, followed by softer feminine component, such as a long violet and black frill dress skirt in order to have some femininity within. The difference was so clear and testified to his talent to break fashion rules. She managed to carry this rare and strong gown with such ease that she easily became the unforgettable appearance during that evening.

Danielle Brooks Sag Awards Red Carpet Look 

5.    Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was just gorgeous in the white Versace dress that she wore on the occasion. The dressing gown she was wearing was really grabbing attention. Her simplicity in everything us a game changer and this white dress was elegantly beautiful suiting her in every way. How it enveloped her body and twinkled next to the lights was indeed a fascinating sight. 

Selena Gomez Sag Awards Red Carpet Look

6.    Jeremy Allen White

Jeremy Allen White brought out a definite charm to his suit in all-white Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. The unique selection and concentration of only white color was audacious and left a strong fashion mark on the red carpet. His fitted clothing was built with precision, made to fit like a glove, giving off confidence. The outfit was complete without the sleek minimalist suit paired with a classic black tie that tied everything together. His haircut that was well done and a well groomed beard added to his neat look. Jeremy's confidence in accomplishing such an eye-catching attire was there for all to see, and he was truly at his stunning best amongst the congregation wearing their traditional black tuxedos. 

Jeremy Allen White Sag Awards Red Carpet Look

7.    Emma Stone

Emma Stone looked splendid in sequined Louis Vuitton dress! The dress itself was a perfect piece of jewelry that sparkled and mesmerized with every step she made. The Louis Vuitton shirt addition created a more luxurious and top-shelf style for her. Emma's hair was combed back neatly and secured into a bun to give the gown more attention. Her gorgeous, perfectly lined eye and reddish lip color was a flawless combination that complemented her natural beauty. 

Emma Stone Sag Awards Red Carpet Look 

8.    Halle Bailey

Halle in that burgundy Dolce & Gabbana gown, literally became a mermaid herself! The color was not only deep and royal, it also radiated off her skin. The curvaceous gown held her shape particularly around the waist before expanding like a fishtail which definitely symbolizes her role as Ariel. The neck piece enhanced the beauty of the dress that was reflected with every movement Halle took. It was both glamorous and thematic, which makes it the perfect match for the red carpet. 

Halle Bailey Sag Awards Red Carpet Look

9.    Joey King

Joey King had an amazing red-carpet look. Her dress was indeed a celebrity, the eye-catching element of the evening as people loved the brown and black combination of it. The attention to detail and the fascinating color made it look more unique and elegant. Her makeup was also bangin'. The well-blended smoky eye and the stunning contour highlighted the features in the most natural way, enhancing the whole outfit. And her hair looked decent and easy to carry for an event. 

Joey King Sag Awards Red Carpet Look

10.    Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain was the incarnation of class and sophistication in her black gown! The dress was an excellent work of art featuring the embellishment adorning her body that made her look elegant and feminine. Black color was complementary to her natural beauty. The fact that she was not too much into jewelry making the lace’s complicated patterns the central visual element clearly evident. Jessica's hair was given a mid parting with dead straight texture that fell in long lines over her shoulders which gave the vintage look of a classic beauty. 

Jessica Chastain Sag Awards Red Carpet Look

11.    Penélope Cruz

The SAG Awards saw Penelope Cruz in a stunning blueish Chanel dress embodying elegance and style. Her dress was a masterpiece of timeless glamour with the classic Chanel tweed fabric which improved it with the high couture sophistication. Other than the classic outline of her body which is seen with modern touch by grooving, it denotes the latest trend. Taking Chanel's fashion icon heritage as her point of inspiration she expressed the spirit of Chanel on the red carpet.

Penélope Cruz Sag Awards Red Carpet Look

12.    Nicole Brydon Bloom

The diva' walk of the celebrity, Nicole Brydon Bloom from "The Gilded Age", at the SAG Awards was full of style and glow. Her red carpet look was simply breathtaking. The way her dress clung on her body with a side slit and flowed smoothly as she moved made me totally mesmerized. The skillful decoration and embellishment of the gown redoubled its allure and radiance. I can't finish my speech without mentioning her hair and makeup! Her retro up do hairstyle really suited the overall outfit well, and her makeup was perfectly done, drawing attention to her natural beauty. 

Nicole Brydon Bloom Sag Awards Red Carpet Look 

13.    Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher as the SAG-AFTRA President appeared in red attire at the red-carpet event that was to represent the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards)! Not at all coincidentally, that gorgeous red dress smartly combined strengthen and class.  The dress just fit her body so nicely and gathered beautifully down to the ground was just wow. Undoubtedly, Fran Drescher has the innate ability to draw eyeballs to herself as she steps out onto the red carpet. 

Fran Drescher Sag Awards Red Carpet Look

14.    Melissa McCarthy

That silver which was picked by Melissa McCarthy was such a piece that it was the statement of something huge. The swaying of the dress with every step she took with so much dynamism was transfixing. The design had an optimal combination of elegance and audacity with the silver giving an immense brilliance. It made those who wore it bossy and stylish at the same time. Its line was so fitting, that character of the dress was just captivating, and the texture was just outstanding. It's the type of stare that doesn't just grab people's attention but keeps their heads glued.

Melissa McCarthy Sag Awards Red Carpet Look 


With the summing up of the 2024 SAG Awards, we are now left with talking points of it by looking at the winner of the night's fashion. This was so much than just a fashion show—it was a manifestation of individual self-expression and fashion arts. These 14 most dressed celebrities demonstrated that style goes beyond its mere dependence on fashionable trends; it is establishing the trends itself. Their looks conveyed the power of fashion to make you stand out and give you the kind of moments that you remember long after. Such style definitely impacts fashion geeks and designers, because it stimulates their imagination, perhaps influencing the fashion industry to go a new path. Looking back to last night's event, we already feel the influence of this year's fashion moments and enthusiasm for what is yet to come on the fashion scene, and we are excited each time we arrive at the red carpet to watch the trends that we saw evolve and change the face of fashion.


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