Benefits And Usage Of Dry Shampoo In Winters

Written By Mason Smith Oct 27, 2023
Benefits And Usage Of Dry Shampoo In Winters

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In winter, almost everyone goes through the problem of dry and scaly skin, uneven or dull skin tone, and cracked lips. Along with that, many of us find it difficult to resist the cold weather, hence, we come under the weather and catch a cold. As a result, many people find it difficult to take frequent showers in winter. Therefore, they end up having oily and greasy hairs. This is a prevalent problem with people in winter, as they hesitate to go out with oily and flat hair. 

If you are also the one who goes through the same problem, then don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Going out with cleansed, neat, and fluffy hair makes us relish the day and boosts our confidence. Dry shampoo is one such product that can help you combat the problem of oily and greasy hair in winter. Dry shampoo comes in white powder form, which is made by using corn or rice starch and talc. It is packed in a spray bottle and is used just like any other aerosol, body, or room spray.

Unlike regular shampoos that need to be applied on wet hairs and rinsed off, dry shampoos are a product that you can just spray on your hair, like your perfume, and you don’t have to rinse it off with water. Thus, it is proved that if you are getting late for work, have an unplanned date night or just feeling sick but have to go out, you don’t have to get panicked. Simply pick up your dry shampoo bottle and spritz it on your hair. You are all set to go.

You must be thinking that dry shampoo is a time-saving thing. Surely it is, but there are other benefits of using dry shampoo in winter than just convenience. Moreover, it may seem that dry shampoos are easy to use, which of course is right. However, there is a way to use dry shampoo to achieve the desired results.

This article will shed light upon the benefits of dry shampoo and the right way to apply dry shampoo to your hair. These are crucial things to know if you want to take advantage of dry shampoo.

Let’s Figure Out The Advantages Of Using A Dry Shampoo In Winter

Following are the ways you can fully reap the benefits of using dry shampoo, especially in the dry and chilly season called winter.

It Boosts The Volume of Hair

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Many people have silky and thin hairs, and if they haven’t washed their hair for 2 to 4 days then their hairs are likely to get sticky and greasy. Therefore, using a dry shampoo will help them cope up with the problem. Dry shampoos absorb excessive oil and dirt from your hair, giving it a smooth and silky texture. Moreover, dry shampoos have ingredients that expand hair strands, making them heavier and voluminous twice as before. 

It Soaks Up Oil From Hairs 


If you have silky hair like me, then I can understand the pain. Silky hairs tend to get relatively oilier than dry hairs. Our hairs get sticky as they produce oil naturally to keep them moisturized. Moreover, our hair can get greasy due to excessive washing because the scalp dries out and secretes more oil than before. Spritzing dry shampoo on your hair will keep it oil-free and will make it look clean, smooth, and voluminous. As the oil makes our hair look flat and less voluminous, its absence will improve the texture and look.

It Makes Your Hairs Smell Pleasant 

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Once oil and dirt have been absorbed by the dry shampoo, it automatically removes a bad smell from your hair. If you want to smell good and pleasant all day long, then spritzing an aromatic perfume is just not enough, rather your hair needs to smell good too. We suggest you use a scented dry shampoo if you haven’t washed your hair for days, as it has chemicals that remove bad smell from your hair, and make the smell last longer.

It Helps To Retain Hair Color For Long 

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This is one of the benefits of using dry shampoo that many people are unaware of. Moreover, dry shampoo supersedes regular shampoo, in terms of benefit in this regard. Although many regular shampoos have color retention formulas, washing your hair frequently with mild warm water and color retention shampoos will eliminate its color. Therefore, if you have dyed your hair and want to flaunt it in winter, then use dry shampoos as they will prolong your hair color and keep you from taking frequent showers in winter.

It Will Keep Your Hairs From Getting Gray At Early Age 

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You must have seen several people who have gray or white strands in their hair at a very young age. This can be due to a lack of essential oils in hair. Hence, dry shampoo is effective when it comes to countering the problem of gray hair. Dry shampoos are rich in essential oils and chemicals which keeps them from getting white at an early age. Using dry shampoos works as a treatment for those who want to prevent their hair from graying at a young age.

It Revives Your New Hairstyle

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Dry shampoos are very effective when it comes to refreshing your new hairstyle. For instance, if you have made a new hairstyle (buns, braids) and blow-dried your hair, you would want to keep it intact the whole day. Therefore, spritzing dry shampoo on freshly styled hair will revamp it, making it fluffier and voluminous. As it absorbs oil and dirt, your hair will have more grip and your new hairstyle will look even more ravishing. Go ahead and flaunt your messy buns and French braids with confidence this winter.

It Is Time Saving 


As mentioned earlier, dry shampoos can save you a great deal and a hell lot of time, as compared to regular shampoos. If you catch a cold in winter and don’t feel like taking a shower, and you have to go to work, attend a meeting, or go on a date at the same time, do not panic at all!! Just spritz dry shampoo on your hair. If you are short of time and can’t take a shower, then there is no better option than using a dry shampoo.

It Retains Moisture In Your Hairs 

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As stated earlier, your scalp loses moisture and oil if you wash your hair excessively. Therefore, your scalp gets even more dry, itchy and rough. Since our skin and scalp get more dry and scaly in winter, using a dry shampoo will keep us from washing our hair frequently and excessively. Thus, our scalp is less likely to dry out and lose moisture than using regular shampoo. If we use dry shampoo in winter, it will result in more benefits in terms of locking moisture and producing more oil in our scalp.

How To Apply Dry Shampoo On Your Hairs? 

If you want to achieve the desired results and want to make the most out of it, then apply dry shampoo in the right way. As stated earlier in the article, using dry shampoo is not as simple as spritzing it randomly, rather there is a proper way to do it. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can apply dry shampoos in the right way.

Part Your Hairs Using A Comb 

Part your hairs in sections, horizontally or vertically using a comb or brush. Try to expose the section that is more oily and greasy. If you have silky hair as I have, then your hairline and hairs at the nape of your neck are likely to get more oily. Part them in a way that dry shampoo can be applied evenly.

Shake The Dry Shampoo Bottle 

Before spritzing any dry shampoo, it is important to shake the bottle. We suggest people do this because shaking the bottle will mix the chemicals inside well, which in turn will make it more effective.

Spritz The Dry Shampoo 

Here comes the main part of the process. Before spritzing a dry shampoo, you need to take care of two things. Firstly, spritz dry shampoo keeping a distance of at least 12 inches from your scalp. If you spritz it too close to your scalp, it will leave a white residue on your scalp, which is difficult to remove. Secondly, spritz it on the area which is more oily and greasy. If you spritz it all over your scalp, or on oil-free areas, then your scalp is likely to get dry and itchy.

Massage Your Scalp 

After you are done spritzing dry shampoo, wait for a few minutes to let it settle. It will enable chemicals in the dry shampoo to work properly, resulting in oil-free hair. Massage your scalp lightly using your fingertips in a way that it spreads evenly in oily parts of your scalp. Finally, brush or comb your hairs so that there is no white residue left on your scalp or hair. 

How Frequently You Can Use Dry Shampoo? 

According to experts, it mainly depends on your hair type and how frequently you wash your hair with a normal shampoo. If you have oily hair and it gets greasy after 2 days of showers, then you can use dry shampoo between washes twice or thrice a week. If you have dry hair, then it's best to use it once or twice a week. Although there are many advantages of using dry shampoo, experts suggest that depending completely on dry shampoo is not a good idea. Hence, avoid using it daily or too excessively.


As stated earlier, dry shampoo comes with too many benefits. However, it is crucial to know how to use it and then use it accordingly for desired results. Talking about the winter season, there are many benefits that you can reap from using a dry shampoo, but there are two major ones. Firstly, using a dry shampoo will keep you from taking frequent showers if you are sick or have flu, which is very common in winter. Secondly, dry shampoos will keep your scalp from getting too dry or itchy, as you don’t have to wash them regularly with a normal shampoo.


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