Harry Potter Wallpaper Ideas You Should Try

Written By Elizabeth Hall Oct 31, 2023
Harry Potter Wallpaper Ideas You Should Try

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Nothing can be more special than remembering the moments of your childhood which are filled with fantasies of Hogwarts world. It was not just restricted to imagination and memory but I along with my friends would play a game in which we all would try to fly with a broomstick. Hella funny, right? Not just this, I would really delve into the thought that is there any possibility that such a world exists. However, as soon as grew older, we realized it was just a movie and literally it breaks my heart. Now whenever I hear the name “Harry Potter” nostalgic vibes completely take me over. But guess what? When I was scrolling through the internet I found out that I can create my own world inspired by Harry Potter which I absolutely admire since childhood. You might be thinking “What is she even talking about? Well! I am talking about a very unique and creative thing in town and that is none other than Harry Potter wallpaper. I thought why not share this exciting news with you and embark on this journey together?

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Enchanted Designs for Harry Potter Wall Décor You Must Consider 

There are five different designs altogether, and each one serves a distinct Wizarding vibe.

Marauder’s Map Wallpaper

Marauder’s Map Wallpaper

Harry Potter’s thrilling journey begins when he steps onto the train that leaves for Hogwarts and meets Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. This meet-up was so magical that they became friends for a lifetime. When they reached Hogwarts “School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, according to the sorting ritual they were sorted into schoolhouses. Four houses of Hogwarts were Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin which were named after the four founders. Do you remember the Trio was the part of which House? They were sorted in Gryffindor which further strengthened their bond. So get yourself wallpaper that showcases all those 4 houses.

Mono Black White Wallpaper 

Mono Black White wallpaper

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The journey of Harry Potter began with the devastating demise of his parents and ended with the thrilling encounter of Harry Potter with Voldemort. This journey presents a roller coaster of emotions that are equally felt by audiences of all ages. What is even more surprising is that it is 2023 and it's still talk of the town. How about making the universe of Harry Potter a part of your daily life?

I find this one among the best Harry Potter backgrounds and so will you!

Glow in the Dark Wallpaper in Black 

Glow in the dark wallpaper

What’s upsetting g is that this Trio would always be on the verge of facing dangerous situations every year. These would appear as the test of their abilities as witches and witches. At the same time, they were not allowed to compromise on their morals. More accurately, every new challenge required them to come out as honorable people. However, Harry was always the one with the immense burden of being the chosen one, and in the end, he proved why he was the “Chosen One”.

Hogwarts Castle Mural in Harry Potter

Hogwarts Castle Mural in Harry Potter

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Do you know why Castle Mural is the ideal choice? It is suitable for creating an ethereal setting for entertainment and even for fostering creativity in your living space. What surprises me the most is that the movie was made years ago yet its theme is a great choice for modern interiors.

Floral Pattern Wallpaper Inspired by Harry Potter 

Floral pattern wallpaper inspired by Harry Potter

What theme comes to your mind when you are asked about Harry Potter? Well! If you ask me, a dark theme scary tress, and poison spring to my mind. This wallpaper, not completely, but somehow captures the essence of that theme and can provide an intriguing aspect to your living space.


It is so refreshing and exciting to see how creatively the entire theme of the movie “Harry Potter” is brought back to life via captivating Harry Potter Wallpapers. J.K Rowling knew how to capture the audience of modern times which is proven by the Harry Potter Backgrounds. Now it’s time to give your living space the contemporary Hogwarts aesthetic and embrace the nostalgic vibes like never before. This will also give you a chance to narrate the story of the entire Harry Potter movie to your children as a bedtime story.


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