Top 6 Winter Apparel For Women's at Jomashop

Written By Ella Brooks Nov 28, 2023
Top 6 Winter Apparel For Women's at Jomashop

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Jomashop was founded in 1987 by Marvin Stenberg. It started from a small mall retailer selling branded watches. In 1999, Jomashop started selling online through their website of the same name Jomashop’s headquarter is located in Brooklyn, New York City, USA. Today, Jomashop sells a wide variety of watches, apparel, footwear, handbags and accessories at an affordable and reasonable price. 

In this blog, we will share the best 6 winter apparel for women available at Jomashop. These outfits will surely keep you warm and allow you to enjoy winter without any fear. Hence, read the article to find out the best and most appropriate winter apparel at a reasonable price. 

Some Of The Best Winter Apparels At Jomashop 

The following winter apparel will keep you warm and protect you from catching cold, without compromising on fashion and style. Jomashop brings the most awaited winter apparel that will surely elevate your winter-look this year. 

Monclear Ladies Pastel Pink Armonique Zip-Fastening Hooded Puffer Jacket 

Monclear Ladies Pastel Pink Armonique Zip-Fastening Hooded Puffer Jacket 

As the name suggests, puffer jackets are puffy and padded, also known as feather down or down jackets. They are made with the feathers of duck and goose to keep the wearer warm and cozy. This one has the same features and is available in a pastel pink color which is favorite of many ladies. It has many features which makes it a perfect ensemble for winter, which are as follows: 

  • Drawstring hood: it is made and attached to this jacket to help you cover your head, ears and face from cold and chilly breezes. 
  • Thumb slots: they are designed to cover your thumb from cold and getting frostbites in extreme temperatures. 
  • Flap pockets: to keep stuff such as cell phone or car keys or covering hands, you can use them. 
  • Zip closure: to cover you completely, it has zip closure with an off-center fastening to protect your neck and chest from cold if you wish to unfasten the top of your jacket.

It is available at a discounted price of $1246.08. Place your order at Jomashop’s online store before it runs out. 

Burberry Cedar Green Bonded Neoprene Tailor Car Coat 

Burberry Cedar Green Bonded Neoprene Tailor Car Coat 

Women who want to wear coats that is exclusive and not like the traditional ones, can wear this sleek design coat with smooth texture. You can pair it with fitted pants or jeans and high-heels for an elegant and outstanding look. It comes with many qualities which are as follows: 

  • Pockets: It comes with two-sided button pockets which will keep your hands warm when you cover them in it. 
  • Slit: It has a center slit at the back which allows you to move and drive easily and freely. 
  • Single breasted: It has one row of button at the top-center of the jacket, which makes it easy to wear and elevates its overall look. 

Warmth, comfort and style, available at a discounted price of $516.98 is an offer worth availing. Hence, get this Burberry coat with just one click. 

Monclear Ladies Turtle-neck Contrast Cuff-Sweater 

Monclear Ladies Turtle-neck Contrast Cuff-Sweater 

This top comes with brown cuffs and high-neck, and is fitted enough to add prominence to your silhouette. Ladies who want to look trendy and change the fashion game can donn this apparel. It is a perfect fit for any occasion and does not require further layering as it is capable enough to keep you warm. Following features add to its all-in-one quality. 

  • High-neck: It helps to cover your neck so that you don’t catch cold or quiver when going out. 
  • Slits: They add to the style and exclusiveness of this winter apparel. It has slits at the cuffs of sleeves and at both sides of the hem, making it easier to move around. 
  • Polyamide and viscose fabric: it is made from stretchable viscose and polyamide fabric which makes it adjustable to every shape and size and fits your body perfectly. 

Save The Duck 

Save The Duck 

This jacket is surely gonna be preferred by most women due to its smooth texture, red color and the fact that it is made from recycled fabric. Check the following features of this women’s jacket to find out more. 
Recycled material: It is made with recycled polyester with three layers, which makes it environment-friendly. 

  • Hood: it has an adjustable hood which you can alter according to your comfort. 
  • Zip closure: It has a zip closure with a flap of button to cover it. It is made to cover you completely avoiding any chances of cold breezes touching your body. 
  • Pockets: It has two pockets, one on each side, with a button flap closure. You can put your hands in it to keep them warm. 

Ladies who prefer to buy environment-friendly winter apparel at a discounted price can get them at Jomashop’s online store at a price of $217.55. 

Ladies Olive Green Giano Long Caftan Dress by Max Mara  

Ladies Olive Green Giano Long Caftan Dress by Max Mara  

We have brought you another winter apparel in green color, but this is a different one. A caftan dress in winter seems unusual but this one is so exclusive and sleek that you can’t resist. To know more, following are specs of this apparel.

  • Neck style: It has a V-shaped neck with a back stand collar which adds to the elegance and simplicity of this apparel. 
  • Sleeves: It has flared, three-quarter sleeves with fitted cuffs and buttons on it, which makes it a perfect ensemble for formal and casual wear and accentuates its sophisticated design. 
  • Pockets: The pockets are made with an on-seam slit, on both sides of the waist. 

This stylish and decent winter apparel is now available at Jomashop’s online store at a discounted price of $479.99. Rush to the Jomashop’s website and get this one for yourself. 

Black Knot Front Dress By Loewe

Black Knot Front Dress By Loewe

Any winter collection is incomplete without black, a color which has ruled the world of fashion timelessly. This winter, Jomashop brings you an exquisite and decent black dress that will surely get you endless praises once you wear it. Following specs of this dress make it a perfect apparel for any occasion. 

  • Neck shape: It has a V-shaped neck design that highlights your collarbone and shoulders and blends perfectly well with the flowy drapes of the dress. 
  • Sleeves: It has full sleeves with a panel of see-through fabric attached at the cuffs. It makes the dress look more sleek and chic. 
  • Design: it comes with a white stitches at the front and back. It is a midi dress with drapes flowing from the waists to the hems. 

If you really want to rock the show and flaunt your style this winter, grab on to this dress at Jomashop’s online store at a discounted price of $829.32. 


With so many elegant and exclusive winter apparel available at Jomashop, we have gathered the one that are a perfect fit for any women to wear. They will keep you warm and protected against the cold so that you don’t quaver or shake-up when chilly breezes blows across you. 


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