Best 7 Velvet Jeans Style You Should Try

Written By Ella Brooks Nov 04, 2023
Best 7 Velvet Jeans Style You Should Try

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Velvet jeans are everybody’s favorite and go-to in winter, and especially Christmas. We welcome the season with open arms and much excitement. Therefore, we look forward to wear trendy and stylish outfits that add a ravishing touch to our winter ensemble, and keep us warm, simultaneously. This year, fashion trends have taken a new turn as velvet jeans are now the new fashion mantra. The trend of velvet jeans has swept through the array of fashion, dethroning the old, dull and monotonous denim skinny jeans. 

Velvet jeans offer exclusive features, such as bright and vibrant colors to soft hues, stretchable and soft fabric, smooth texture and shiny look, which makes it a perfect and all-in-one outfit that goes well with anything and anywhere.

In this article we will share the best 7 velvet jeans that will elevate your style and add an alluring touch to your style statement this winter. You can also try them out in Christmas. 

Check Out Velvet Jeans Style That Will Give A Sleek And Hot Look To Your Ensemble!!

The following velvet jeans styles will make your look awe-inspiring. Also, we will discuss the outfits that will look appropriate with each velvet jeans style. Stay tuned to the article. 

1.  Buffalo Ladies Stretchable Velvet Pants by Buffalo David Bitton

Buffalo Ladies pants

If you want to add prominence to your lines and silhouette, then nothing is better than this black skinny velvet jeans. It comes with a mid-rise waistline, slightly flared ankle and button fly. The only drawback is that it is available in only limited size range. You can put this on with a loose or crop top/sweater or with a fitted tucked-in shirt/T-shirt.

2.  Skinny Velvet Jeans by NYDJ AMI 

Skinny Velvet jeans

For all the ladies who want to make heads turn around at their workplace, party or date night can opt for this velvet jeans pant without looking back. Dark burgundy hue with body-hugging stature and button opening will look ethereal if carried with lose tucked-in shirt/sweater or fitted graphic tees. Its slightly flared hems will elevate high-pencil or block heel shoes. 

3.  Wide-Legged Velvet Pants by Whitby

Wide-legged Velvet Pants

If you want to feel comfortable and want your skin and body to breather, then toss your skinny velvet jeans in your closet and try out these wide-legged velvet pants. I feel that this pair of velvet jeans are suitable for any place, from get-together to night outs to roaming around in your lounge, this pair of velvet jeans are a perfect fit for any place. Moreover, you can wear top of any length, fitting and size with this pair of velvet jeans for a comfy feel. 

4.  Runaway Velvet Wide-legged Pants 

Velvet Wide legged pants

We have come up with another pair of wide-legged velvet jeans, but this is different from the previous one. Its crinkled-velvet fabric and bright yellow color will makes it exclusive and adds a ravishing touch to its wearer’s look. If you want to impress your friends or partner at a party or date night, then put this on with a fitted or button-down lose shirt or top. Also, I would suggest you to wear flat converse shoes or sneakers for a casual and comfy look. 

5.  Cropped-Flared Velvet Jeans by Citizens of Humanity

Cropped-flared Velvet Jeans

This pair of velvet jeans will take you back to the retro of 70s and 80s when bell-bottom jeans were a popular fashion wear. This pair of jeans are ankle-high with a flared hems, giving room to your legs to move around freely. This is one of my favorite in the list and I have worn it with a loose button-down shirt and a black heel sandal. I would recommend you to style it this way if you want unlimited praises.

6.  Mid-Rise Velvet Rockstar Jeans by Old Navy

Mid-Rise Velvet Rockstar Jeans

This brand has never failed to impress people when it comes to apparel. This pair of velvet jeans will give a slender look to your legs and figure, if you carry it the right way. Since it’s a mid-rise velvet jeans, it will look best on skinny and average build people, as the waistline will fall on belly button only. Dark black color and body-hugging design makes it a perfect ensemble for any occasion. 

7.  Ankle-High Velvet Skinny Jeans by 7 For All Mankind

Ankle-high Velvet Skinny Jeans

It is next to impossible to ignore this brand when it comes to body-hugging jeans and pants. This collection of velvet jeans is available in a limited size range, and is for the ones who have a thin or average body figure. Moreover, its ankle-high hems allows you to flaunt your high-strap heels and skin simultaneously. I would suggest you to wear this pair of velvet jeans with black top and black high-strap heels for a jaw-dropping look. 


We have summed up the best velvet skinny jeans brand that are worth trying out. Moreover, for a mesmerizing look, I would suggest you try velvet skinny jeans that matches your physique and body figure. If you have small or medium height, then flared velvet jeans will look appropriate on you. For tall people, high-rise skinny velvet jeans with either high or low ankle will look perfect. Color of velvet jeans, top and shoes depends on your choice and preference and also on the occasion. 


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