Permanent Eyeliner Styles You Must Try For a Chic Look

Written By Avery Clark Jan 04, 2024
Permanent Eyeliner Styles You Must Try For a Chic Look

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Applying a perfect and smooth eyeliner seems a daunting and sometimes unachievable task. While applying eyeliners, they either get smudged due to the water in your eyes or move away from the lash line due to the crease of your eyelids. Removing the eyeliner and then applying it from scratch seems irritating and takes more time to get ready and sometimes it spoils the eye-makeup and our mood as well. How about applying a permanent eyeliner that stays intact and keeps you from applying it daily when stepping out of your home? If you give it a second thought, it may seem the best and right option to go ahead with. 

Once you have decided to opt for permanent eyeliner, you can choose from various permanent eyeliner styles, from thick permanent eyeliner styles to soft permanent eyeliner styles, there is nothing you can’t achieve with permanent eyeliners. However, opting for permanent eyeliner is not as simple as it seems. You need to have a careful approach when going for permanent eyeliner and follow the guidelines required to maintain it afterward. Therefore, this blog will discuss permanent eyeliner, permanent eyeliner styles, and tips to maintain it for the long term. 

What is a Permanent Eyeliner? 

Permanent eyeliner is a technique that involves pigmenting your lash line with any color you choose, under the skin, similar to a tattoo, which is why it is also called an eyeliner tattoo. It lasts for 3 to 5 years and requires a touch-up after 6 months or 1 to 2 years. Unlike the typical tattoo, permanent eyeliners do not penetrate as deep into the skin as tattoos. You can opt for a thick permanent eyeliner, winged or cat-eye-shaped permanent eyeliner, thin and soft permanent eyeliner, or any other permanent eyeliner style according to the shape and color of your eyes and skin complexion. Since there are various eyeliner permanent eyeliner styles, we will move on to the most popular ones. 

Permanent Eyeliner Styles Worth Trying to Achieve a Flawless Look 

Winged Permanent Eyeliner 

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The ones who have downward eyes mean the outer corner of the eyes is downward, then they should opt for a winged-shaped permanent eyeliner. The eyeliner is applied at the top of the lash line and extends from the outer corner with an upward-tilted stroke, just like a wing. It uplifts your eyes, gives an edgy look to your face, and enhances your makeup. For dark-skinned women, charcoal, chocolate brown, and mahogany colors are best apart from the traditional permanent black eyeliner. 

Cut-crease Permanent Eyeliner 

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The pigments will be placed over the lash line, extending the outer corner, like a winged eyeliner, and then over the crease of the eyelids. Hence the name cut-crease eyeliner. This permanent eyeliner style is best for women with monolid or hooded yes, as the crease is invisible and hidden, respectively. The cut-crease permanent eyeliner will help to define the crease and keep from the hassle of applying it manually over the crease. I would suggest opting for a black permanent eyeliner for this shape as any other color would not seem as classy as a cut-crease black permanent eyeliner.  

Tighlined Permanent Eyeliner

Tighlined Permanent Eyeliner

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This permanent eyeliner style comes with pigmenting on the waterline of the upper eyelid. This eyeliner style adds prominence to your lashline and eye shape and stays intact from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes. If you have round-shaped or hooded eyes, then don’t look back and opt for a tightline permanent eyeliner. Girls with fair complexion and colored eyes can go for brown, green, blue or grey permanent eyeliner. Also, ensure that you don’t opt for a permanent eyeliner color that matches your eye color. 

Soft Permanent Eyeliner 

Soft Permanent Eyeliner

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If you wish to opt for a permanent style that blends with every formal and informal occasion’s makeup, or casual or party look, then nothing is better than getting a soft permanent eyeliner. The thin stroke with smudged and smeared ends at the outer eye corners creates a classy and elegant look, especially if your eyes are almond-shaped. The narrow and uplifted outer corner of your eyes draws attention with a soft permanent eyeliner. 

Once you have got a permanent eyeliner from the experts, you need to take care of it properly to avoid fading, or any other problem. Therefore, we will share some tips to follow after the permanent eyeliner procedure. 

Tips for Aftercare of Permanent Eyeliner 

  • Avoid wearing contact lenses for the next 2 days of the procedure 
  • Avoid using eyelash curlers or mascara. 
  • Avoid using skin care products with Retinol-A, glycolic acid, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid, and do not apply them around the eyes. 
  • Do not swim, bathe in pools, and avoid hot water and steam baths for 2 weeks after the procedure because it will fade the permanent eyeliner. 
  • While taking a bath, protect your eyes from excessive exposure to water. Keep your body under the shower and protect your eyes. Wash your hair by leaning down your head in the wash basin/sink and avoid water getting into your eyes. 
  • Do not scratch or rub your eyes. Clean your eyes using a wet cotton, then dab it with a fresh tissue or cloth. 
  • Itching is likely to occur, but have patience and apply the prescribed ointment. 


There are various permanent eyeliner styles, but if you are confused, take advice from makeup experts, or apply a regular eyeliner in different shapes to see which one looks good on your face. We suggest women consider their eye shape and skin tone before opting for permanent eyeliner. Moreover, once you are done with the procedure, follow the aftercare tips to maintain it, as the money and time spent should not be wasted. 


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