Stunning Makeup Looks and Ideas for Black Dress

Written By Grace Harris Sep 19, 2023
Stunning Makeup Looks and Ideas for Black Dress

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Black dress has been in fashion since the past so many years. When we talk about fashion, it is incomplete without a black dress. You can always see a black dress on runways and fashion shows, since it is a color that nobody can refuse to wear. From celebrities to fashionistas to common people, everybody loves to wear black dress. Although black is the absence of color, it makes you shine brighter than the light. It is not just a color, but a symbol of style statement, which makes you feel confident and powerful. 

Talking about the black dress, it is just not right to say that ‘black dress is the new fashion mantra’, but the right statement is ‘black dress will always be the fashion mantra’. To flaunt and elevate your black dress look, you need to put on the right makeup. Wearing the right makeup on black dress will not only look elegant and classy, but it will make your look memorable. 

Try Out The Following Makeup Looks For Black Dress

Here are some makeup ideas for you to try on a black dress. Find out which makeup look will suit you the best. 

Blue Eye-Shadow with Nude Lipstick or Gloss 

Blue Eye-Shadow with Nude Lipstick

Blue eye makeup with black dress, sounds interesting right? To wear any makeup, start-off with primer and base. First apply primer and base with concealer to your skin and blend it well. Concealer is important to even out your skin tone. Moving forward to eye makeup, first apply silver shimmer to the inner corner of your eyes. Then apply electric od dark blue eye shadow on your eyes. There are multiple ways to wear the blue eye-shadow. You can apply blue eye kajal along your lower eye-lid or water line, in an upward tilted direction, making a cat-eye shape. Blend it well and flaunt it with eye lashes. 

Moreover, for a smoky look, you can apply blue eye-shadow on your eye lids, then compliment it with a black eye-shadow on the outer corners of your eye and blend them well. Apply mascara to your eye-lashes to make them look long and thick. If your eye-lashes are thin and short, you can wear artificial eye-lash. To give a final touch, apply soft pink or peach blush-on to your cheeks and soft or nude shade lipstick. If you want to make your blue eye-shadow more prominent, then just apply a lip gloss or a lip balm on your lips. 

Winged Eye Liner with Red Lipstick 

Winged eye liner with red lipstick

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The combination of red and black goes perfectly together when it comes to makeup, apparel and overall fashion. If you want to steal the show and make heads turn around, then wear a red lipstick on a black dress and let the combo do the talking. For a smooth and flawless look, apply a matte primer, then apply foundation that matches you skin tone along with concealer to make your skin tone look even. 

Moving on to the eye makeup, apply nude or neutral color eye-shadow on your eye-lids. For winged shape eye-liner, use liquid eye-liner. Don’t worry if you cannot apply wing-shaped eye-liner perfectly, here is the solution. Start applying eye liner from the inner corner of your eye along the lashes with small strokes. Then make your strokes thick as you move towards the outer corner of your eye. Now trace your winged eye-liner slowly to give it a final touch. Apply mascara to your eye lashes and finally red lipstick on your lips. For an elegant look, wear matte red lipstick and rock the show. 

Pink Eye-Shadow with Nude Shade Lipstick 

Pink Eye-Shadow with Nude Shade Lipstick

It may seem that a combination of pink and black won’t look good, as it is not so common. But trust me, this combination is ethereal and can make heads turn around. As usual, you have to start your makeup with primers, base and concealers. Once you are done with the foundation and concealer, contour your nose, cheeks and jaw-line to make your facial features more prominent. Now moving towards the main part, the eye-makeup. 

For this, you will require blending brush and three eye-shadows of contrasting shades. Start your eye-makeup fromdabbing pink pigments (dark shade of pink) at the outer corner of your eye. Then apply shimmery pink eye-shadow on the entire eye-lids and finally apply brown shimmery eye-shadow at the inner corner of your eye. Moving on, to complete your makeup, apply nude pink lipstick or a lip gloss on your lips. Steal the show with an all-pink look with black dress. 

Green Eye-Shadow With Pastel Lip Colors 

Green eye-shadow with pastel lip colors

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If you want to shine bright like a gem stone, then wear green eye-shadow. Black dress and green eye-shadow will give you a glam and classy look, and will make your style memorable. To get started, grab on to your primer, foundation and concealer for a smooth and flawless look. Once you blend your foundation and concealer well, contour your nose and cheeks with highlighters to make them more prominent. 

There are multiple ways of wearing green eye-shadow on a black dress. We will guide with the best ones. For an emerald green eye-makeup, first apply dark green eye-shadow on inner and outer corner and lower eye-lid of your eyes. Then apply light green eye-shadow at the center of your eye-lids and smudge it well with the edges. Finally, apply a nude shade of orange or peach lipstick. For a soft and subtle look, apply pastel green eye-shadow with nude orange or peach lipstick and flaunt your style. 

Smokey Eyes with Nude or Red Lipstick 

Smokey Eyes with Nude Lipstick

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To nail your look and flaunt your style, putting on smoky makeup look is the best option. Start with your makeup with the usual primers, base and concealer. After blending them well, contour and highlight your nose, cheeks in an upward direction and jawline. Highlighting your facial features will make them shine when light will shed upon them. Hence, contouring your high facial points and features is crucial for a complete ensemble look. 

Now moving towards the most awaited part, the eye-makeup. Apply dark or charcoal grey eye-shadow on the entire eye-lid and lower eye-lid. Then apply black eye-shadow on the outer corner, crease and lower-lid of your eye and finally, smudge the two shades well. Afterwards, apply subtle and soft shade of brown, peach or pink blush-on. For the final touch, apply red lipstick or nude shade of pink, peach or orange lipstick. Nothing will hotter and glamorous than a smokey eye-makeup on a black dress. Smokey eye-makeup and red lipsticks compliment black dress like none other. 

White Eye-Shadow Look 

White Eye-Shadow Look

We all know that combination of black and white goes well together in almost everything. In terms of makeup and fashion, this combination rocks the show. All you have to do is start-off with applying primers and blending base and concealers well enough. Then, contour your nose in a way that it bridges the tip, contour your cheeks and jaw line. The key point here is that don’t use highlighters for contouring as it will look over with white eye-shadow. 

Afterwards, apply white eye-shadow starting from the inner corner of your eye and make your stroke thicker towards the outer corner of your eye, making it look like cat-eye. Then, fill your eye-lids with white eye-shadow. Also, apply white eye-shadow at the lower eye-lid. To make your eyes more prominent, apply black eye-liner and mascara. Moreover, apply nude and soft color blush-on and lipstick. 

Purple Eye-Shadow Look 

Purple Eye-Shadow Look

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Since black color can complement any color, it also goes well with purple color. For a unique and ethereal look, try out purple eye-shadow look and catch the eye. First and the foremost thing with every makeup is apply primers and then base and concealers and blend them well. Then, start contouring your nose, cheeks and jawline to make your features look striking. Use contours that match your skin tone, and don’t use highlighters, otherwise purple eye-shadow will look dull. 

Once you are done with the base, apply purple eye-shadow on the entire eye-lids. For smoky look, apply dark purple ye-shadow on the outer corners of your eye. If you want a shimmery look, apply shimmery purple eye-shadow on the eye-lids and dark shimmery purple eye-shadow on the outer corner. In both cases, smudge the shades well. Then apply soft pink or peach blush-on with nude orange or peach lipstick. Moreover, you can also apply purple lipstick. 

Golden Eye-Shadow Look 

Golden eye-shadow look

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Last but not the least, golden eye-shadow is a hit on the list. We cannot ignore golden eye-shadow on a black dress, since it gives a glamorous and classy vibe. Anyone in this dress and makeup combo can make heads turn around and jaws drop down. Start your makeup with the usual primer, base and concealer. Use contour that matches your skin tone, for contouring your nose, cheeks and jaw line. Adding on, don’t use highlighters for contouring as it will not make your eyes and lips prominent. 

Moving on, apply golden eye-shadow on your eye-lids and blend it well. You can apply shimmery and metallic as well as matte golden eye-shadow on a black dress. To further enhance the look, you can apply black eye-liner and make it wing-shaped like cat-eye. Then, apply mascara to your lashes to make them look longer. For blush-on, you can apply soft and nude shades of peach, pink and brown. For lip stick you can apply nude and subtle shades of brown, pink and peach and bright color such as red. 


You can try out these makeup looks and ideas on all black dresses. Women of every age group can try out these makeup ideas on any black outfit. Moreover, the key point here is to consider the occasion you are going to attend in a black dress. For casual occasions like get-together with family or friends or a night out with friends, wear soft makeup, in terms of eye-shadow, blush on and lipsticks. For formal occasions like parties, weddings or a date night, you can wear bright and attractive makeup. 


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