What Things You Get Inside The Glossier Makeup Bag

Written By Grace Harris Nov 07, 2023
What Things You Get Inside The Glossier Makeup Bag

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This world is revolving around the trends and Glossier is one of them. Some days ago, Glossier CEO and creator Emily Weiss posted on Instagram, announcing the launch of the Glossier Beauty Bag—the excellent bag for your daily beauty routine. I am the kind of person who is especially attracted to the packaging. Its huge logo, classy lines, and gorgeous pink color instantly drew me in, and I understood that I had to get it. And when I noticed the detachable organizer, I had plans to make the purchase, which is exactly what I did.

Very few beauty product companies can match Glossier's level of excitement. There is something about Glossier's personality that attracts such a loyal base of customers, whether it's its unique pink packaging, creative product names, or diligent formulae. Since launching the company in the early 2010s, Emily Weiss has established a reputation for providing fuss-free skincare and makeup that is suitable for working women. With their amazing formulations and pleasantly reasonable costs, it's little wonder that Glossier has become so popular.

Think of retinol, niacinamide, and vitamin C as examples of the skincare products that Glossier is known for—jargon-free and packed with potent active ingredients. Easy-to-use products include Universal Pro Retinol and Super Glow serum. After launching the beauty bag, now its time to disclose what Glossier has to serve in the makeup bag now.  I am gonna tell you every detail of it,  what things you get inside the glossier makeup bag.

What's In The Glossier Makeup Bag?

You can get the Beauty Bag alone for at a solid price if you're prepared to switch up your makeup routine. If you need a little more time to decide on your décor, you may get the Makeup Set, which will come in your Beauty Bag set up with a Cloud Paint, Boy Brow, and Lash Slick, for a limited time. In case you're still considering squeezing a Pink Pouch after reading about the "bubble-wrapped Pink Pouch," don't worry; all Glossier orders will still have the option to purchase the original bags at the checkout.

Glossier first made our skin seem more radiant, and then they improved the aesthetics of our shelfies. The cult-favorite cosmetic company is now making an appearance to set up our makeup situations, which is like if not our lives. Glossier introduced its first-ever makeup bag recently. The brand's well-known pink bubble wrap pouches will still be available for purchase at checkout in addition to the new beauty bag. Rather, it's more of an elegant storage piece that, when set on a bathroom vanity, doubles as eye candy.

Naturally millennial pink, the beauty bag has ample room to tidily fit in all of your hero items, such as full-size moisturizers and cleansers. The detachable felt interior with compartments and the front pocket are noteworthy design elements. Glossier's stylish makeup bag, which arrived just in time for spring cleaning, is an appealing reason to wave goodbye to the little pile of goods that has been piling up on our nightstands. Retailing for $28, the cosmetic bag is surprisingly inexpensive. Better still? Glossier is selling their popular Makeup Set (which includes one Boy Brow, one Lash Slick, and one Cloud Paint) for $60 with the new bag for a short period of time. This saves $18. You can now get all of them from Glossier's website. 

Cosmetic Bag

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Detailed Rundown Of What You Can Expect To Find In A Glossier Makeup Bag


Boy Brow

Boy brow

The first thing that this bag contains is the Boy brow and I call it a magical wand because it is an important tool to groom, shape and adding a good volume to your brows. 

Cloud Paint Blushes

Cloud Paint blushes

The Cloud Paint blushes are the next in line. These lovelies give your cheeks a wonderful, flushed color and come in adorable tiny tubes. Shades such as Puff, Beam, and Dusk allow you to select a color that's going that fits your skin tone.

Balm Dotcom

Balm Dotcom

Now, let's learn about the Balm Dotcom. This stuff is a lifesaver for dry lips and other dehydrated areas. It's an useful balm that comes in many flavors, including Original, Cherry, and even Birthday! Trust me, your lips will thank you.

Stretch Concealer

Stretch Concealer

Next up is the Stretch Concealer. This tiny pot of magic does a fantastic job of concealing flaws and bothersome dark circles. It provides you with a natural, dewy finish and is buildable.

Haloscope Highlighter

Haloscope highlighter

Remember to use the Haloscope highlighter! This bad guy gives your skin a stunning, dewy sheen. Because of the crystal extracts added to it, you'll look like a star. 

Generation G Lipstick

Generation G Lipstick

The Generation G Lipstick is the last but certainly not the least. This transparent matte lipstick gives your lips the appearance of being freshly bit. With colors that range from muted to strikingly colored pops, you may discover the perfect lip look for every situation. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Not to mention the Milky Jelly Cleanser! With its pH balance, this mild cleanser gets rid of dirt and makeup without drying out your skin. It leaves your face feeling clean, refreshed, and ready to take on the world.


Thanks to my quick thinking, I managed to grab a bag throughout its first fall and used it for my big day stay. It's the cutest little travel companion for makeup, really. This bag makes sure that your cosmetic products stay tidy during your vacation, which is important to me as I'm picky about how my goods show up. You can view and keep everything at the same time with this bag. You may unbutton the detachable insert from the bag. In addition, there is a sizable slip pocket inside the bag and a sizable front pocket with the Glossier logo. 


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