How to Get Rid of Eye Bags? Experts Recommendation

Written By Avery Clark Mar 08, 2024
How to Get Rid of Eye Bags? Experts Recommendation

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It's more likely that the bags beneath your eyes are a harmless cosmetic issue than a health issue. Sometimes, just because you're stressed out or had a particularly late night, you might get eye bags. 

However, eye bags can also result from allergies, smoking, fluid retention, and inadequate sleep. So can a few uncontrollable elements like heredity and the aging process itself.

This article covers medical treatments, natural ways to get rid of puffy eyes and eye bags, and knowing when to visit a doctor.

What Causes Bags Under Eyes?

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It's critical to determine the origin of under-eye bags before attempting any treatments or therapies. To determine which therapies will be most effective for you, the first step is to identify the underlying cause of the issue. Genetics is the most frequent cause of dark circles; numerous inherited disorders that run-in families eventually lead to the development of dark circles beneath the eyes. Excessive sun exposure without the use of UV protection is another factor that contributes to the development of dark circles. Over time, this promotes increased pigmentation.

Nasal congestion brought on by allergies and irritations can result in blood pools under your eyes, giving you puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. And last, one of the most frequent causes of dark circles is sleep deprivation, which is sometimes unavoidable. 
We advise keeping a watch on your under-eye bags when they suddenly become more noticeable, even if you might not be able to pinpoint the exact source of them. Once you've recognized this, you can think about the therapies and treatments listed below.

Lifestyle Adjustments to Prevent Bags Under Eyes

1.    Use a Cucumber

Applying cold materials to the bags, such as iced spoons, frozen cucumbers, cooling eye masks, or even ice globes for the eyes, reduces swelling almost immediately. If you need more de-puffing, leave the compress on for five minutes, then take it off and reapply.

Cucumber is a delightful fruit that contains vitamin C and folic acid, which can make the skin look brighter and more attractive, although their effects have not been clinically tested. Cucumber's high-water content will make it feel better on the skin than anything else.

2.    Hemorrhoid Creams

Because hemorrhoid treatments help constricts blood vessels and reduce swelling, some people apply them to swollen eyes. But be careful while doing so. Hemorrhoid creams are not approved for this purpose. They can cause adverse effects including skin and eye irritation. Make sure you read the product label carefully. Consult a healthcare professional to make sure it is safe for you to use these lotions long term.

3.    Tea Bags

While caffeine helps tighten skin, it's the tannins in tea—yes, the same compounds in wine—that help with puffiness and dark circles. (Decaffeinated tea will also do the trick, but for maximum effects, use a caffeinated tea like green tea.) Make the tea as you normally would, then prepare your own homemade tea bag treatment. Store the steeped tea bags in the refrigerator. Place the tea bags under your eyes and leave them there for fifteen minutes after they cool down. How about high impact, low tech?

4.    Use Sunscreen

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and prone to injury. Additionally, the sun's induced ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause premature aging around the eyes, which accentuates puffiness and fatigue. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15 to protect yourself from the sun. Look for sunscreens designed specifically for the area around the eyes or face.

5.    Drink Much Water

Dehydration can cause puffiness and puffiness around your eyes. Make sure you drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated. Try not to drink too much before bed. This can cause nighttime fluid retention and waking up with swollen eyes, as well as excessive salt intake.

6.    Every night, Wash your face

Make sure to remove all makeup from your face before going out at night. If you don't wash off your foundation or eye makeup thoroughly, it can irritate your eyes. Additionally, it can cause an allergic reaction that causes redness, swelling and the first signs of eye bag problems.

Home Remedies to Follow to get rid of Eye Bags

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Here's what to do if, despite following all these tips, you still wake up with a bag under your big, cute eyes.

1.    Apply a Cold Compress

Place some cold slices of cucumber or ice cube bag on your eyes and let them rest for ten minutes. Cucumber's flavonoids, vitamin C, and antioxidants will restore your eyes and reduce inflammation. In an emergency, even your most trusted salon lady will recommend this treatment.

2.    Prepare a Potato Pouch

Cut a potato and place the shavings in a muslin bag. Give the potato a solid ten minutes to work on your eyes while the bag is over your eyes.

3.    Drink Plenty of Water

Hydration is essential to restore dehydrated skin. The more hydrated you are, the less likely you are to have water retention behind the eyes.

4.    A Teaspoon of Chili

If all else fails, just freeze a teaspoon overnight and use it to apply to your eyes the next morning. The cooling effect of the spoon will tighten the skin and reduce swelling. 

5.    Take a Chill Pill

Above all, please have peace of mind! Also spend thirty minutes in meditation. This is just one of the many problems we can attribute to stress.

A winning blend of home remedies and remedies from modern science!

Professional Care for Under Eye Bags

1.    Laser therapy

Using focused beams of light, laser therapy shrinks blood vessels under the eyes, stimulates collagen formation, and targets and destroys pigmented or damaged skin cells. It helps reduce dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation, thin skin, or vascular problems, but may require several treatments and may have short-term side effects including bruising, swelling or redness.

2.    Chemical peels

Chemical peels remove dark circles caused by sun damage, aging, or hyperpigmentation by using an acid solution to remove the outer layer of skin, leaving a smoother, brighter complexion underneath. Skin appears.

3.    Fillers

Injectables are used to restore volume to areas behind the eyes that show signs of aging. They work well for dark circles caused by tear troughs or loss of volume.

4.    Blepharoplasty

A surgical technique called blepharoplasty is performed to remove or realign excess skin or fat from the eyelids to reduce the appearance of dark circles caused by sagging skin or fat.

Regardless of professional therapy, it's important to have reasonable expectations, follow post-treatment recommendations carefully, and consult with a trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon before opting for any of these operations.

Right Eating Habits to Reduce Bags Under Eye

Your health reflects what you eat. This means you can preserve your skin's elasticity, tone and suppleness by choosing healthy foods over junk food and greasy snacks. Adding foods high in the following micronutrients is one of the best strategies to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

1.    Rich in Collagen

The muscles and tissues that support the eyelids can weaken with age. This can result in eye bags or sagging skin, including fat around the eye muscles. Consume amino acids and citrus foods like oranges and lemons to maintain good skin. Other recommended sources of vitamin C include:

  •     Red Pepper
  •     Kale
  •     Broccoli
  •     Strawberries

2.    Rich in Lycopene

Antioxidants like lycopene, found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, have a positive effect on overall immunity and eye health. The rich amount of lycopene helps improve skin tone, reducing the development of under-eye bags and their resulting puffiness. Vegetables like tomatoes and cabbage are good sources of lycopene, and fruits like watermelon and papaya are also high in this antioxidant.

3.    High doses of K-complex vitamins

Nothing is more effective than vitamin K for healing wounds and skin damage. Nutritionists recommend consuming foods rich in vitamin-K because of its healing abilities, including its ability to reduce puffiness around the eyes and dark circles under them. Vitamin K is found widely in fruits and vegetables, such as turnips, tomatoes, cabbage, and pomegranates.

4.    High iron intake

Anemic patients are always recommended to eat iron-rich foods. The iron content in the blood makes it possible for oxygen to reach the blood vessels. In addition to the development of dark circles under the eyes, its absence can result in premature yellowing. People who suffer from anemia are more likely to have puffiness under the eyes or dark circles under the eyes. To reduce puffiness around your eyes, you need to include iron-rich foods in your diet, such as the following:

•    Seafood
•    Beans
•    Leafy green vegetables
•    Dry fruits and nuts
•    Certain cereals
•    Pea

5.    Reduce the amount of salt in your diet

Consuming too much salt can cause fluid and swelling around the eyes. If you feel puffy or puffy around your eyes, the first thing you should do is reduce the amount of salt in your diet. This can be achieved by regularly increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and minimizing the consumption of packaged, processed foods.

Medical Guidance for Under Eye Bags

Medical Guidance for Under Eye Bags

Sometimes puffiness under the eyes isn't just a result of aging, stress or lifestyle changes. Puffiness under the eyes can be the result of hereditary allergy problems or genetic abnormalities that require medical attention. Moreover, regular use of home remedies for puffy eyes does not cure the puffiness around the eyes.

Although you can try to hide your under-eye bags with skin-lightening treatments, you should always consult a dermatologist or other specialist before undergoing any type of surgery.

When dark circles or puffiness appear around the eyes, don't ignore them. Before choosing the best procedure to remove eye bags, check with your doctor about the causes of your puffy eyes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of eye bags fast?

Do you have limited time? There are some quick fixes you can try to reduce the visibility of dark circles. Applying a cooling compress to the skin around the eyes is a great way to quickly reduce swelling. When you apply a cold compress to the area for about five minutes, you may notice a reduction in swelling. Another great tip is to keep your eye makeup remover cool and add this pepper assist to your routine.

What causes eye bags?

Eye bags or puffiness around the eyes often appear with aging. Bags under your eyes can also be caused by stress and lack of sleep. However, allergies or hereditary problems can cause puffy eyes in some people.

Can eye bags go away?

Depending on the cause, there are many ways to reduce puffiness under the eyes. Using home remedies, the lower lids that sometimes puff up due to fluid accumulation under the eyes can temporarily shrink.

How long does it take for swollen eyes to go away?

Usually, a swollen or swollen eyelid will disappear within a day. Compresses can help reduce swelling, but the cause of the eyelid enlargement may also play a role during treatment. Causes can vary from infection to fluid retention. If your eyelids hurt or feel sensitive to the touch, they are likely infected.


Stress and lack of sleep are common causes of eye bags and puffiness. Genetics, aging, smoking, and dehydration can all be factors. To get rid of bags under your eyes naturally, use cool compresses, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of sleep. If your chronic eye bags are bothering you, consult a dermatologist. They can advise you on what lifestyle changes and eye treatments are best for you. Surgery, chemical peels, fillers, and post-treatments are examples of medical procedures.


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