How And Where To Apply Perfume For Last Longer?

Written By Mason Smith Oct 10, 2023
How And Where To Apply Perfume For Last Longer?

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We all have a daily routine to follow. Although everyone’s routine is different, however there are some basic things that remain the same in everyone’s daily routine. All of us are in a habit of wearing perfume after getting ready, before we leave home. Spritzing perfume seems a pretty simple thing, so you must be wondering why we have come up with an article stating ways to apply perfume. Well, to put an end to your curiosity, here is the answer. Perfumes tend to lose their fragrance after a few hours of applying. Therefore, many people fail to understand the reason behind it. 

If you want to smell good throughout the day and want to avoid any unpleasant odor coming out from you, therefore, you need to know where and how to apply perfume. Wearing perfume is not just about spritzing it all over your body, but rather there is a proper way of doing it. 

In this article, we guide you on how to apply perfume, which spot on your body is suitable for applying perfume and how you should store perfume at your home. 

Let’s Find Out How And Where We Should Apply Perfume For Long Lasting Fragrance 

Many people don’t know the right spots and the right way to apply perfumes. A lot of people rub their wrist after applying perfume and some apply it just before leaving home. However, both methods are incorrect. Hence, follow the tips and guideline on how and where to apply perfume for a long lasting effect. 

Use Perfume With A Higher Concentration 

perfume with a higher concentration

First and the foremost thing you need to do is opt for perfume that has high concentration ingredients. These perfumes will naturally last longer than others. In order to figure which perfume is long lasting with higher concentration, look for the labels. Perfumes that are labelled as Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette are long lasting than others. However, if you want the fragrance to last longer than usual, then you should opt for Eau de Parfum, as it lasts for 5 hours. On the other hand, Eau de toilette lasts for 3 hours. 

Spritz Perfume After Shower 

Spritz Perfume After Shower 

It’s ideal to spray perfume right after taking a bath. It will make the scent last longer and will help you change the air, with aromatic vibes. Since your pores cleanse out and remain open after shower, applying perfume directly on your skin will make it last long, as the skin will absorb the scent. However, do not spritz perfume on wet skin, as it will evaporate when your skin will get dry. Just apply it on damp skin, after drying it with towel. 

Spray Perfume On Pulse Points

Spray Perfume on Pulse Points

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to know which spots or points on your body are most suitable for spritzing perfume. There are certain body points, also known as pulse points, which are suitable for applying perfume, as it makes the fragrance last longer than usual. Therefore, spray perfume on your inner wrist and elbows, back of your ear and knee, sides of your neck, and below your belly button. Your skin is thin in these areas, therefore, it emits more heat causing the perfume to diffuse its fragrance and keep the air aromatic. 

Apply Moisturizer On Your Skin 

Apply Moisturizer on your Skin 

Another tip for retaining fragrance is to moisturize your skin with a body lotion or cream. All you have to do is rub moisturizer gently on your pulse points. Once you are done, spritz perfume on those points. Since moisturizer keeps your skin oily, therefore, it helps to retain the scent of perfume. Furthermore, it’s best to use unscented or fragrance free moisturizer, as it will not clash with the fragrance of your perfume. Moreover, you can also apply petroleum jelly or Vaselineon your wrists for a long lasting effect. 

Spray Perfume On Your Clothes 

Spray Perfume on your Clothes 

Although it is highly recommended to spritz perfume directly on your skin, you can also go ahead with spraying it all over your clothes. For example, you can spray perfume on the inner lining of your coat, blazer, or jacket. However, do not apply perfume on fabric that can stain easily, such as silk. Moreover, you can spritz perfume in the air and hover your clothes around it. Since perfumes engage differently with fabrics, hence your perfume will smell lighter than if it is applied directly on the skin. 

Apply Perfume On Your Hairs

Apply Perfume on Your Hairs 

Although it may seem odd to apply perfume on hairs, but trust me it is the right thing to do. You don’t have to drench your hairs completely with perfume, but rather a few light spritzing will do the needful. Moreover, you need to use the right perfume formula for misting it in your hairs. Therefore, it is best to use perfume oils or hair mist, as they contain minimal to no alcohol and keeps the strands of your hairs from getting dry or frizzy. Moving on, you can apply hair mist or perfume oil on your hair brush and then brush your hairs, until the fragrance is spread out. 

Use Perfume That Have Long Lasting Notes

perfume with long lasting notes

Since fragrances come in too many varieties of scent, people mostly prefer to wear floral scents. It may surprise you that floral scent in a perfume is not its base note, rather it’s a top note. That is why it diffuses faster. To make your fragrance last longer, use perfumes that have strong base notes. Perfumes that have vanilla, cedar wood, honey and chocolate base notes are the ones that will stay all day with you. 

Store Perfumes In Just The Right Way

Perfume Storage

Many people are in a habit of keeping their perfumes on the shelves of their bathroom. However, it is not the right place. Any place or space that is directly exposed to sunlight, heat and humidity, is not for storing perfume, as it will lose its fragrance. Therefore, keep your perfumes in a cool and dark place. Furthermore, you need to avoid anything that alters the formula of perfume. Hence, do not change your perfume’s container, and avoid shaking your perfume bottle. 


This article covers all the tips and tricks to make your perfume last longer. Since we all get tired and sweaty after work, therefore, we want to avoid any bad fragrance coming out from us. Therefore, we are all in need of perfumes or fragrances that stays with us throughout the day and helps us change the aroma. If you follow all the guidelines correctly and wear your perfume in the right way, it will not only make you smell good, but will make people feel your presence, through your signature scent. 


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