7 Top Celebrities Who Love To Wear Leather Trench Coat

Written By Ella Brooks Oct 23, 2023
7 Top Celebrities Who Love To Wear Leather Trench Coat

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A Leather trench coat is an attire that we consider wearing in the winter season only. They have been in trend for centuries, but what we don’t know is that leather trench coat is not just a winter attire, rather it is a style statement. The ones who want to flaunt their looks and add a classy touch to their style statement this winter can do so by just putting on leather trench coat. Gone are the days when we were reluctant to wear leather trench coats and jackets, as they seemed more covered and did not encouraged the show of our apparel. 

Today, the trend for wearing leather trench coats has taken a new turn. It is no longer an attire that you can simply put on winters to cover yourself against chilly breezes. It has now become a style statement. You can see celebrities donning leather trench coat at many occasions, adding a chic and sleek look to their style. From Kardashians to Hadids to Hailey Bieber, nobody is left behind in adopting this fashion trend. 

If you want to look all-chic and sexy this winters, check out these top 7 celebrities who slayed their look in leather trench coat and are worth taking inspiration from. 

Let’s Take a Look at Top 7 Celebrities Who Made a New Fashion Statement with their All-Stylish Leather Trench Coats!!! 

Take a glance at these celebrities who have perfectly carried their leather trench coats, and trust me, you won’t be able to resist your desire to try out leather trench coat this winter. 

1.  Kendall Jenner 

Kendall Jenner wearing coat

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One of the most famous celebrity and sister of the Kardashians have proved that leather trench coats are worth trying at any random occasion. She has been seen wearing a black leather trench coat at several occasion, such as going for lunch or stepping out from her hotel. In my opinion, Kendall Jenner looks stunning in a simple leather trench coat with all-black hues. 

Kendall Jenner wearing coat

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2.  Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian  wearing coat

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When it comes to celebrities who look chic and sassy in anything they wear, it’s none other than Kim Kardashian. From wearing plain all-black floor length leather trench coat, to flaunting her style in a red snake-patterned leather trench coat, Kim Kardashian’s fashion statement offers a jaw-dropping look and sends shivers down the spine. Personally, I think she looks gorgeous in black leather trench coat, black top and black fitted yeezy pants. 

3.  Kourtney Kardashian 

Kourtney Kardashian wearing coat

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If you really want to take inspiration from a celebrity, in terms of styling leather trench coat, then Kourtney Kardashian is just the one you should follow. She has styled leather trench coat in an exclusive way, by putting on dark and bright hues of brown. If you ask me, I loved her brown leather trench coat with a tint of orange and matching pants. She has set a new style statement by experimenting different colors rather than putting on traditional black and blue. 

4.  Bella Hadid 

Bella Hadid wearing coat

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As stated earlier, Hadids are also part of the list who perfectly styled leather trench coat. Bella Hadid has majorly worn plain black leather trench coat, at several occasions. Although the color remained consistent, she chose to style it in different ways.Bella Hadid donned black leather trench coat with a criss and cross front in Paris, and a loose plain black leather trench coat with a white dress shirt and black tie with a belt tied around her waist, at Burberry event in 2023. 

5.  Hailey Bieber 

Hailey Bieber wearing coat

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When you look at Hailey Bieber in leather trench coat, you will notice that she has followed the legacy of Bella Hadid, by wearing leather trench coat of the same color black but in different styles. From wearing a black top and light blue jeans to putting on shoulder-less black top with loose black leather pants, Hailey Bieber has turned into a plethora of fashion. Her style of donning leather trench coat is not just ethereal, but exemplary. 

6.  Emily Rajatkowski

Emily Rajatkowski wearing coat

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If you take a glance at Emily Rajatkowski in leather trench coat, you would feel that she is more than confident to try out leather trench coat in dark and vibrant hues. From bright yellow, to mustard to wine/oxblood red to rust brown, Emily Rajatkowski has tried them all. In my opinion, if wants to explore more options for styling leather trench coat can simply follow the Emily Rajatkowski’s look and give an awe inspiring vibe. 

7.  Dianna Argon 

Dianna Argon wearing coat

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When it comes to celebrities who have made heads turn around in leather trench coats, Dianna Argon is the one we simply cannot ignore. Dianna Argon has donned leather trench coat in trendy yet decent way. She is mostly seen wearing plain red leather trench coat with black top and pants, but what adds exclusivity to her look is the beige leather trench coat she is seen wearing at various occasions, such Chanel film’s luncheon party. Dianna Argon’s style of carrying leather trench coat is my favorite among all. 


According to my opinion, if you want to flaunt your style this winter, then putting on leather trench coat is the right option for you. You can consider the looks of these celebrities to take guidance on how you can carry it in just the right way. However, there is no certain way of carrying leather trench coat. You can elevate your style by trying different outfits along with your leather trench coat. Moreover, you should check which color and style of leather trench coat suits you best. You can keep the coat open and show-off your outfits, or you can tie the belt around your waist if you want to draw attention to your leather trench coat only. 


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